John Mayer Discusses His Return & Why He Now Lives In Montana & Will He Be The New “Bachelor”

John Mayer returned to Ellen 2 years after his last album to promote his latest album that he can't really promote due to his throat battles and surgeries.

John discusses why he now lives in Montana, although we wonder if he gave up his places in Los Angeles and New York for good.

John, rocking the long hair, seems somber and perhaps it is reflected on his new record, which he says is his most honest to date. He talks about the Rolling Stone interview and not really remembering the things he stated. We don't want to get into them either. People change. They evolve. Where they might have been 2 years aog or 2 days ago, may not be where they are now.

Ellen and John also discussed their love affair with "The Bachelor" and why he digs it. Eleln asks is John would ever do the show and although he says no, you really have to wonder.

So, will there be a black bachelor first or will John Mayer be "The Bachelor" before that happens?-DocFB


Video~ Jason Castro Performs On “The Bachelor”

Jason Castro from American Idol fame performed on "The Bachelor" last night as he got married.

Jason performed his song "Over The Rainbow" for the wedding and show. 

Check out his performance above.  No word if he is doing Bar Mitzvahs.-Dr.FB


Video~ Jason Castro Update

Jason Castro gets in your face ot let you know about his upcoming projects and new single debuting on "The Bachelor" tonight.

Was he always this up close and personal when on American Idol?-Dr.FB


‘More To Love’, Another Fox Reality Show

Holding Hands Courtesy Of wellnessbeyond.com
Holding Hands Courtesy Of wellnessbeyond.com
Holding Hands Courtesy Of wellnessbeyond.com

Will I watch it? Probably.  Show is based on finding love when you are not a size 2. Hell, I think I was a size 2 in Jr. High.  So I think this could be interesting, or at the least worth dedicating some time to. What does an average size 8 look like on a reality TV Show?  'More to Love' will be some what like the 'Bachelor', contestants will battle it out for the love of one guy.

Wonder what the romantic dinner are going to consist of?  Maybe they will show what a real person eats on a date. Now I really can't wait.
So, Fox Television claims we can all find love at any 'size'...ok we'll see.  Will it be as controversial as 'The Biggest Loser' or 'The Bachelor'?
Air date has not been set, they are still in the process of casting.

Classic: Chris Rock On Gay Marriage (NSFW!!!!!!!!!)

The clip is from 2004, but the points are still valid. NSFW!!!!!!