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Gabe Dixon Performs “Even The Rain” Live In Room 5

Gabe Dixon took to Room 5 to perform “Even The Rain” live with just him and his trusty piano. The album, which has been on rotation on my iPod, is getting great reviews all over. Here is a quote from our friend at USA Today Elysa Gardner speaking on the studio version of “Even The […]

David Letterman Blackmailer Deep In Debt

David Letterman, who was involved in a blackmailing scheme for $2 Million dollars by Robert Halderman was deep in debt as he went after Letterman. The person in question is Holly Hester who told Halderman she had an affair with Letterman back in the 90’s.  There is a question that this whole affair thing being […]

Whitney Houston Reviews Are In!

The reviews are starting to come in for Whitney Houston’s new CD and it looks good! She even boasts a line from L.L. Cool J; “Don’t call it a comeback/I’ve been here for years” and you believe it. USA Today gave the diva 3 and a half stars and for more of the review, please […]

Kelly Clarkson To Be Judge On American Idol

Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner, will be a guest judge on the show. She told the USA Today that she is very excited to be on the show. This news follows a slew of guest host announcements such as Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain, and Joe Jonas. The Kelly Clarkson one […]

Stephen King: Rowling Rocks, Meyer is Teh Lame

Yet another in a long line of comparisons between the two best-selling authors JK Rowling (Harry Potter-do I even have to mention?) and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight). The fact that they share little more in common than reproductive organs and fat bank accounts matters not. Someone, somewhere decreed from on high that the world must be […]