Was Jessica At The Game?

Jess Leaving LAX Friday.  Photo:  bauergriffen.com

Jess Leaving LAX Friday. Photo: bauergriffen.com

Tony Romo and the Cowboys won ugly on Sunday.  Maybe Jessica is not a curse of them winning but Romo did have one of his worst games of the season and 8 straight games with a turnover, which, you guessed it, dates back to when Jessica showed up in Dallas last year. 

As his fantasy owner in a league it sucks, but as a Cowoy fan, I am happy with a win but it was straight ugly.  The New York Giants and the Washington Redskins, right now, are better teams than the Cowboys. 

It’s only week 5 so let’s see what’s going on.  I am sure Jess has been to a lot of the games this year so that may not be it, but Romo is def slightly off his game.-Dr.FB



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