Video: Behind The Scenes With Prince

Here is something I found while scanning youtube. It's behind the scenes footage of Prince & Bria Valente filming the Target commercial. Tre Cool n nice to see footage like this.-Dr.FB

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  1. This footage is cool. I am getting used to seeing them together and they look damm good!

  2. Prince is on a mission.
    I am glad just to have some new music to listen to.
    Let’s hope he does a little tour so we get a chance to see our purple brother/sisters. I did not get any tix for the shows down south, bummer.


  3. That was cool. I liked that.

  4. Cool!!! most definitely fitting 4 Prince…and Bria what can I say…she is so privileged and blessed 2 have this experience. I feel inklings of adoration between these 2….spiritual and emotional.

  5. funny..I don’t remember seeing Bria in that Target commercial AT ALL..lol

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