Prince To Attend Cannes Film Festival?



Seems like His Purple Badness has been a very busy man.  It’s hard to keep up with him, and with rumors circulating we can only wait and see what/where his next move will be. 

Rumor has it Prince will be attending  The Cannes Film Festival with a very special date. Timeless…..

Prince hit Paris Club ‘La Cigale’ last night , where he enjoyed a performance by Portuguese Fado singer,  Ana Moura.  Three concerts in one night at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Ana Moura..humm…..Can you feel it?

Hopefully Prince will hang out with Lenny Kravitz while he’s in town.  There is never a dull moment when these two get together. 

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors….. What’s next?  Only the purple one knows!



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  • The source
    Posted at 03:35h, 19 May

    ^seems about right, then you have the answer why his last wife left…and she did him good, he came to new heights in business and had his most sucessful tour…after that Musicology tour most was small…even if he hit No.1 in the charts his albums fell of those quickly…

    Now would monogamy help you to concentrate and be serious?

    I guess so…

  • xtra
    Posted at 20:47h, 18 May

    watched a TV program last night about a cult-leader called Wayne Bent who thinks he’s the Messiah. he grooms young women, especially virgins, into accepting him as their messiah. then he has sex with them. he’s been sentenced to 18 years in prison. and apparently, the founder of Scientology drugs and beats his mistresses, has orgies, and believes the most satisfying power in the world is to crack a woman’s soul. couldnt help but think of Prince. an aching hip is the least of whats gon happen to this sex-addicted multiple personality disordered criminal, who uses God to make himself look good. at least he was honest when he said he’d rather be the Pope. i guess he could always stop doing cocaine and check himself into the appropriate psychiatric facility, but i guess a man with no conscience would much prefer to keep making money off the patsies who believe his public image to be true…you poor brainwashed cult victims lol – che ching! party over oops. out of time. 🙂

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