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Coming Soon! Shwayze Interview!

I hinted last week we had some real cool things happening soon and now I can tell you one of them. We will be having an interview with Shwayze very soon and I want you guys to be a part of it! I am going to take it old school and want you guys to […]

Step By Step is now on the celebrity section of the Alltop family of web sites, which means we are on the same page as the big boys such as TMZ, D-Listed, Tyler, MSN Entertainment, New York Daily News, Popwatch, Variety, X-17, and The Insider.  That. Is. So. Cool. The Drfunkenberry name has been around for about a year and half […]

Is Katy Perry Engaged???????

Katy Perry performed at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday and some friends were pointing out to me that Katy was wearing a ring on her…well…ring finger. I argued with them that it was to match her mic and outfit but they were like why is it on that finger of all fingers?  I had a […]

Captain EO To Return To Disneyland January 2010

I am hearing that Michael Jackson’s Captain EO will be returning to Disneyland in January of 2010. They were trying to get it into Tomorrow land by Halloween of this year, but they couldn’t get it done. The official announcement will be in 2 weeks at the D23 expo. The unofficial announcement is coming to […]

Video: Introducing Adelitas Way “Invincible”

  OK, I am sent hundreds of videos and songs a week and I only put up the ones that have videos or links I can share and lastly and most importantly, I only post one’s I like. A video for “Invincible” landed in my email box from a band called Adelitas Way. The band […]