Video: MTV Michael Jackson Tribute W/Janet Jackson

Don't think we would let Kanye West overshadow Janet Jackson's at the MTV VMA's would you?

Here is Janet's performance in all it's deliciousness. A very touching tribute.

BTW, anyone think Madonna's speech before it was a little to me me me and I I I instead of just focusing on MJ MJ MJ? Just sayin'.

What do you guys think of the performance?-Dr.FB

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  1. Thanks for posting, it was a good tribute. I always like that video they did together.

  2. Janet of course was brilliant bless her and would have made Michael proud.

  3. I thought Madonna’s speech was good last night and I hadn’t been keen
    on her the last few years. Its clear why the media are bitching on
    her though… because she said the stories surrounding Michael were a
    witch hunt… well thats true. She also said she’d let him down,
    something she didn’t have to say but did and I applaud her for
    admiting that to millions.

  4. what a amzing performence i was on the edge of my seat the whole time going opk weres janet and as soon as scream started up it was on and poppin good to see her and her brother dance together for one last time

  5. Wow, that was excellent, and moving. Great dancers and Janet was fierce. That must have been tough for her. Excellent tribute. God, I love “Scream”. Not sure why but just love that track.

  6. I loved the entire tribute to MJ — Madonna’s words were very well spoken heartfelt & real — the dancers were great and I think Michael would have been happy — JANET WAS AWESOME !!!! .. I know that probably was tough for her but she got through it beautifully

    MJ for life —

  7. Go to her website and listen to her new track.

  8. aawww.. Wish I could watch this..

  9. I loved he tribute. It was very touching…and it brought out feelings I thought were tucked away. I got all teary again…especially since Janet has been pretty silent since his death and knowing how close she was to Michael…I thought her performance was phenomenal.

    IMHO, I thought Madonna’s tribute was well-said…not as “me, me, me…” as suggested. If you remember, other people spoke about their MJ experiences at the Memorial service. I don’t think what Madonna said strayed too far from that.

    And I especially loved all the top-notch choreographers who came together to pay homage to MJ and his skills.

  10. Very nice tribute! :) I didn’t watch the awards,so I’m glad I got to see that here.

  11. great job michael would be proud …..i can’t stop crying u see trying hard to hold back the tears

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