Megan Really Is Crazy Like A Fox

Megan Fox In Rolling Stone. Photo:

Megan Fox In Rolling Stone. Photo:

Great. Not only is Megan Fox a hot one, she is crazy too. You know what means then; she must be amazing in bed!

In the new Rolling Stone magazine, she threatens to kill boyfriend Brian Austin Green all the time when they argue.  She says she was a cutter but wasn’t really a cutter. Let’s see, you cut you wrist on the regular, Megan, you silly girl, you are a cutter.

Just to lure you in, she claims to be really insecure and if you remember her comments on the Golden Globe Red Carpet that she isn’t pretty and feels like Alan Alda in drag. Wow. That would be one ugly tranny. Not like soup at all. She claims to be bi-sexual. Not buying it yet, regardless of her making out with a girl in her latest movie, Jennifer’s Body.

Classic quote though?  “Men are afraid of Vaginas.” Um, Megan, spend a night with me. Trust me. I may be afraid of a camera, but I am NOT afraid of your vagina. Lady Gaga’s? Just a little bit.-Dr.FB

Megan Fox In Rolling Stone.

Megan Fox In Rolling Stone.



  • ChrisG
    Posted at 22:30h, 17 September

    Note to self… SUBSCRIBE TO ROLLING STONE. next… you read my mind Doc… Crazy is good for a girl you’re dating, but you don’t marry crazy. Just a thought. 😉 Also.. I’m not even sure Gaga’s is a real vajayjay!

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