Video: Paula Abdul Goes After Ellen Degeneres

Paula Abdul opened the Vh-1 Divas Show going after Ellen Degeneres. Uh-Oh. Blonde wig and all.  We tell ya, we are gonna miss Paula bringing the crazy!

Was she being sincere when wishing Ellen luck n saying she knows Simon best.  What do you think? Funny or sad?-Dr.FB

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  1. Awww….I love Paula nd Ellen so I thought it was great…..Thanks Sbacon1999 for posting that….makes me laugh

  2. HA – that was very cute. Paula did a pretty good Ellen dance. Ellen tweeted this yesterday:

    “Paula- you’re hilarious. You’ve left me some big shoes to fill…unfortunately I don’t wear high heels. Nothing but love for you too.”

    so it’s all good ;)

  3. That was so funny! Good one Paula.

  4. I think it was funny as hell, and Paula was probably not in control of it, the writers of the show put her up to it, and damn! Did u see Paula? She was all kinds of Fine!!! Those legs…OMG!

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