Lenny Kravitz New Album Title Revealed!

Lenny Kravitz Boston Poster; Image Provided By Mathieu Bitton
Lenny Kravitz Boston Poster; Image Provided By Mathieu Bitton

Lenny Kravitz Boston Poster; poster design by Mathieu Bitton/candytangerine.com

Lenny Kravitz will be dropping his new studio CD on us shortly and we hear it is as funky as funky can be and that has me very excited.

The new CD, which is titled "Negrophilia" and there will be a lot of first for Lenny on this project. I am sworn to secrecy but you just know I am trying my hardest to get a little sample of some of the tracks to play for you.

In the meantime in between time, enjoy this exclusive poster image shared by our friend of Lenny's upcoming show in Boston.

Also, don't forget to watch Jimmy Fallon Thursday night to see Lenny kill it.-Dr.FB

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  1. Mathieu,
    It was great meeting you with Lisette this weekend. She is with MySpace as you know but I am with Apple and would like to do anything I can to launch this on iTunes proper. Hope you had a nice flight out. I’m back in NYC myself. Be in touch.

  2. Acc to urban dictionary negrophilia means:
    The sexual preference of white women for black men

    I can’t wait to hear this album. Lcnny has got a lot of hands on experience with this issue.

    Hmm the last poster mention Terrence Trent Darby. Damn I remember him.

  3. I was recently in Paris at a party for the movie PRECIOUS that Lenny is in and they played a track form the album. Sorry to say, Terence Trent D’Arby was amazing but I never heard him do a track as FUNKY as what I just heard. And they did say this was in fact that album he was working on back in 95. Get ready to FUNK HARD and haters, go away!

  4. Hmm, I’m interested to see how funky Lenny can get. He better not hold back.

  5. heard that Prince is playing bass on track 4…

  6. Thx Doc!

    ? 4 Zipster — by Sananda, do you mean Sananda Maitreya (the artist formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby) ?

  7. Negrophila as in Nigor Mortis? Fresh idea!

    Sananda can whip your behind on stage and in song anytime Lenny.
    And please, dont front like this is not going to sound like aaaall your other albums. Lenny is NOT Funky.

  8. thanks for the scoop doc cd sounds hot

  9. dr.f I can’t stand this tease. congrats. 2 Lenny….I can’t wait 4 2morrow night.

  10. Wonder if this is part of the long rumoured funk project Lenny’s been working on since 1995, since Circus.

  11. Thanks Doc. COOL

  12. oooh wee! gotta get those song samples doc!!!
    love when lenny funks it out!

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