Adam Lambert’s “Four Your Entertainment” Track List Revealed!

Adam Lambert's Debut Album Cover Art
Adam Lambert's Debut Album Cover Art

Adam Lambert's Debut Album Cover Art

Here is the track list for "Four Your Entertainment" including credits:

1 “Music Again” 3:16 – Rob Cavallo, Justin Hawkins of the Darkness
2 “For Your Entertainment” 3:35 – Claude Kelly/Dr. Luke
3 “Whataya Want from Me” 3:47 – Pink, Max Martin
4 “Strut” 3:29 – Adam Lambert, Kara DioGuardi (Yes, that Kara)
5 “Soaked” 4:33 – Muse
6 “Sure Fire Winners” 3:32 – Rob Cavallo
7 “A Loaded Smile” 4:04 – Adam Lambert, Linda Perry
8 “If I Had You” 3:48
9 “Fever” 3:26 - Lady GaGa
10 “Sleepwalker” 4:25 – Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsay, Ryan Tedder
11 “Aftermath” 4:26
12 “Broken Open” 5:03
13 “Time for Miracles” Bonus Track 4:43 – Rob Cavallo

Do you think you will be picking up this CD? Has an American Idol runner-up's CD ever debuted at Number 1? If not, Adam's will.-Dr.FB

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  1. My daughter loves your post!She and I have the same interest by the way. :)

  2. Hey Doc, can you give us a little background on some of these songwriters? We obviously know who Pink, Lady Gaga, Kara DioGuardi, and Linda Perry (4 Non-Blondes) are, but what about the others? Thx. Having thise women write songs for him gives me hope he’ll be more than the cookie-cutter pop star.

    And I have to admit, I’m starting to like his song for 2012. Saw the trailor last night and it actually is pretty powerful.

  3. it is taking so long for nov 23 to get here. haha… 😀

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