Janet Jackson To Perform At The American Music Awards

Here is a preview of the Janet Jackson interview we told you was taking place next week. Love the cover of Number #1's being shown in the preview, which we brought to you first as well.

Janet will open up the American Music Awards next week with an 8 minute number and medley.

We have other Janet treats to share very soon. For now, enjoy the video.-Dr.FB

For now, enjoy this preview.

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  1. I like Janet. I like it that she’s one of the few close to Michael who’s not pimping him out, never did. Off course she will allways be asked about him and it’s noticable how carefull she is in her choice of words . LaToya, take note (if you can afford it).

  2. Please, Please, NO JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!! He’ll snatch another tidday out and leave you holdin’ them bags again.


  3. I will be at the Awards front & center 2 c her. I love this woman she so sweet and humble inside & out. I njoyed meeting and working with her…

  4. Thanks Doc…. I saw a little clip on Entertainment Tonight last night on the interview — Didn’t know about the American Music Awards …Can’t wait to see Janet perform.

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