Johnny Depp Is The Sexiest Man Alive!

Johnny Depp. File Photo
Johnny Depp. File Photo

Johnny Depp. File Photo

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Johnny Depp has been named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for the 2nd time. 

The real man's man who is also a man of the ladies as well.  Johnny joins other two time winners George Clooney & Brad Pitt. 

Other men on the list are Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Adam Lambert, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Dr.Funkenberry & Nick Cannon.

I think People made the right choice.  There is one last thing I want for Johnny Depp and that is an Oscar win in his future.  Congrats to Mr. Depp and being the man, the sexiest man, once again.

Did People make the right choice.?-Dr.FB

Johnny Depp.  The Sexiest Man Alive.  Photo: People.com

Johnny Depp. The Sexiest Man Alive. Photo: People.com

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  1. that’s it. Turn in your Prince cd’s n videos. No more Prince for you!

    Its a freakin magazine for Christ’s sake. Chill the efffff out n turn off your computer.

  2. Depp is cute, but Prince is without question the sexiest man alive.

  3. I love his hair.. I could just sit and brush it for him all day. We are the one LOVE!! NOW Where did I put MY cigarettes..

  4. LOL, each to their own. I’m guessing he doesn’t have the sexiest breath.

  5. You guys have way too much POTB n need to chill.

    Let’s just give Depp his due n stop with the stuff that is not relevant to the People issue.


  6. Yes, I completely agree – he deserves an OSCAR or twelve~! His depth in acting has always been replenishing to view, to say the least. Comical, Deep, Intense, Atrusive, Abtuse, Whimsical and Genius. On another note: great family man, who takes care of his family without pomp and circumstance. Handles things silently and direct. He also – makes great music. Would be nice, if he did a stance at Paisley Park with Mr. Nelson… and why not – isn’t life meant to be a bowl of fantastic fruit with a fantastic glass of Reisling? Come on, give it a TRY – I guarantee it wouldn’t kill anybody. Prince and Depp – unplugged event.
    Take care….me.

  7. Good choice but bad cover photo!

  8. Nothing better than a smart,talented,sexy man!Mmm mmm!His wife is a lucky woman!Prince should most definately be on that list instead of some of them other goofballs!lol But then again he don’t need to be on no silly list for us to know he is FINE! ;)

  9. Forgot to say he indeed deserves an Oscar. Nice pictures btw ;)

  10. Yuk! He looks gross and stinky holding the cigarette. He doesn’t even look sexy on the People cover. He looks tired.

    With love,

  11. 2 me Prince is the sexiest :) No body compares!! My son says JD is to film what P is to music and yes I agree he is sexy and deserves an Oscar I’m sure P would agree as well. It is after all where I got my name, a Prince song mentioning a Depp film.

  12. I’m drooling! So HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. yup yup yup!!!! JD is the man!!!! YUM!

  14. Even if Johnny has a real charisma and aura, it’s Prince the sexiest man alive. When there will be no Prince anymore ( pure tragedy), maybe he coulb be one of the sexiest men. :D

  15. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    He does deserve an Oscar.

  16. yummy yummy yummy

  17. Sigh…

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