Jessica Simpson Still Supports Romo & The Dallas Cowboys

Jessica Simpson. Photo: Famepictures.com

Jessica Simpson. Photo: Famepictures.com

Moments after the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, Jessica Simpson tweeted "she never stopped rooting for the Cowboys" along with a picture of her wearing a cowboys sweatshirt. 

Although Tony Romo and her split up earlier this year, Jessica and even her father Joe Simpson have not stopped supporting MY Dallas Cowboys. 

One has to wonder what Jessica Simpson will tweet after the Dallas Cowboys play the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.  I know Minnesota loves their Vikings, and Minnesota, you know I got love for you big time.  However, you know this Sunday, I will be with team Simpson rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.

Here is a photo of Jessica returning back to Los Angeles on Monday. Man, she has some small wrists, doesn't she?

  Jess, if you are going to be in Los Angeles on Sunday, let me know.  I have a great place to watch the Cowboys at.-Dr.FB

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  1. You call yourself a Prince fanatic & you cheer against the Vikings.
    You lost me, Funk. You lost me. Go back to school and get your GED, Doc.

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