Who Dat? It’s Sheila E.

Sheila, you are so wrong!  But...it's kind of funny.  Sheila E. made a "fight song" for the Saints late last night where she dressed up as her friend Prince.

This was obviously in response to the fight song Prince made for the Minnesota Vikings late last week.

"Dig If You Will The Playoffs...." is how it starts with a little purple beat.

Let me know what you all think.  Highlarious.-Dr.FB

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  1. LOL!!!!!That is hilarious! A good laugh all in fun. Only thing is Sheila has the mole on the wrong side of her face. Prince’s mole is on the right side of his face. Thanks for the laugh Sheila, how cute! LOL!

  2. LOL So funny but Sheila you know he is so gonna get you back LOL

  3. Love it!!! She’s a fine mama 😉


    2 funny parts:

    the smoke and brushing the teeth!!!

    I hope Prince has a sense of humor and posts something back!!!

  5. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Sheila~1 Prince~0

  6. omg ..that was hilarious..i’m crying over here….lol GEAUX SAINTS!!!! WHO DAT!!!!

  7. That was funny. Only Sheila can get away with this and Sheila got him down to the T with all of his movements! That was great Sheila!!!! LOL!!!

  8. Hmmm, did Sheila use part of the beat from the song “Bob George” from Prince’s Black Album?

  9. P….Sheila gots ur number! U have to admit that was funny. Come on bro have a lil fun and post something in response. I know u r getting bored staying in the house in Minn due to all that snow! Sheila… That was some funny stuff! But plz next time..no chest hair. Ur waaaay tooooo sexy for that 😉

  10. LoL …

    Only Sheila E. could get away with something like this w/out P sayin’ something. She’s a great entertainer and artist and I support her body of work.

    “Show em how it’s done Sheila” … LoL

  11. The Linn drum machine in FULL EFFECT! Love this! Sheila’s awesome. C’mon Prince, what are you gonna do to get Sheila back?

  12. You mean that wasn’t Prince!!!??!!!

  13. LOL
    Did you see the chest hair?

  14. I love this! Sooooooo funny….. only true friends could do this….and get away with it lol….

  15. Too funny, but all I heard was music no lyrics, are the lyrics supposed to be there also. But u wrong 4 that Sheila, but it was funny!

  16. Shelia Excellent……. So Cool seeing Sheila give prince a little smack! You can tell they must still have a Fantastic releationship to joke with each other like that. LOL

    And I like her song Much better too!!!!!

    Musgrave – Chicago

  17. LOL !!!! …. Gotta LOVE Shelia

  18. Sheila !! You ROCK it girl !! Love. it. love it….you got IT baybeeeee !! xo

  19. Thanks Doc! THAT’S perfection! I love Sheila deep down in my soul! xx

  20. Baggin’ hard!!!!!!!!

  21. Funny! since she also naturally looks like him also

  22. LOL!! Go ‘head GURL!!! U r so in with the WHO DAT NATION!! Nothing glitters as bright as the BLACK-n-GOLD!! WHO DAT!!

  23. Not yet. Something is being worked on.

  24. Is there a version on YOUTUBE Yet? I don’t have flash as my work doesn’t allow it!

  25. Hy-La-Ri-Ous !!!!

    Really fun !

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