Elton John & Lady Gaga To Perform Together At The Grammys?

Elton John & Lady Gaga
Elton John & Lady Gaga

Elton John & Gaga. Photo: Towleroad.com

It is being rumored that Elton John and Lady Gaga will perform together.  Is that the couple that will kick off the show?

I was really hoping it would have been Madonna & Lady Gaga but that is just me.   Elton is a great musician and Gaga has some piano skills. 

I can see it now; Gaga dressed as Elton and Elton dressed as Gaga.  That would be so cool....and at the same time.....a nightmare coming to life.

What do you think of the Elton & Gaga duet combo?

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  1. Two great musicians…..I’d look forward to this equally

  2. I love Lady Gaga! What a great fashion sense too . All her haters are just jealous!

  3. The two together? It doesnt seem to fit; sure they are known for getting attention..but really…how will they sound??

  4. LOL @ the photos! Two very talented artists is cool by me, it will be very camp if nothing else.

  5. All I can say is ….who cares?! lol

  6. If it were 1978, I could see this being interesting since Elton was the Gaga of his day, dressing up in wacky costumes. He’s very talented, and I like Elton, but he’s not that guy anymore. So this feels like the Grammy’s once again, trying to make someone old relevant, and someone new legitimate.

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