Prince To make Big Announcement In NYC As New Song Leaks (Listen Now!)

Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash.  Photo:  Spellman/Killian

Prince At The Apollo Theatre 75th Anniversary Bash. Photo: Spellman/Killian

What a great day to be a PRINCE fan, especially if you are in New York!

It all started as a tweet yesterday from a writer of Rolling Stone Magazine;

Just heard that Prince is holding a mysterious press conference in New York tomorrow..

Then Live Nation posted on Facebook: 

HUGE announcement tomorrow at 3 PM Pacific - stay tuned. (You won't want to miss this.)
Then Moquake.com, a Prince fan web site posted about the press conference and that it is at the legendary Apollo Theatre and that fans can attend the press conference.  Very cool news!!!
On top of that, the snippet of "Rich Friends" a track to be from 20Ten deluxe, is now out in full, as posted on Prince.org early this morning.
So, hopefully the fans in New York have enough time to get there and check it out! 
As for what the news is, our lips are sealed...although with Live Nation mentioning it, you kind of know what it is!
Thanks to the Prince fan sites for that info.   We are looking forward to what he has to say and having a new song.-Dr.FB  
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  1. If you read the beginning correctly instead of skimming over, LiveNation got the info from a Rolling Stone writer. That does not mean they are involved.

  2. You teach people how to treat u, and we have tought hime to tret his supporters badly. The man has a right to his own life granted. I have had enough of the games, and tricks. He is too grown for this , know off the games and B.s

  3. I’m waiting on Pins & needles 4 the news…………..

  4. Hoping for some good news for the U.S. fams!!

  5. I guess it’s another wait and see game! Wish U luck, NY! And I’m loving “Rich Friends”!!!

  6. finally can the us be getting much love from the purple yoda??? and start it right here in the tristate area!!! forget saving the best for last…start here first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wanted 2 c Prince 2morrow in Helsinki :( Why Princey why ?

  8. @Peter : same goes for Belgium !!

  9. What are some of you babbling about? He is having a press conference like loads of other people. How is this an antic? Let’s hope he is going to announce a u.s tour.

  10. After all these years..Still..
    Much Love

  11. 21 NIGHTS IN NYC!!!

  12. Just hoping this means we will be able to buy 20ten, I am with you Anna, I just want my music!

  13. cool thanx 4 sharing the infor

  14. i am just keeping track on the music. I am just geting tired of his antics really>

  15. Well, he supposed to be in Helsinki, not in New York. :(

    Here we have tens of thousands dissapointed Prince fans…again…fifth time a row. Obviously Finns are at the bottom of his priority list.

  16. This is exciting! I will be there, no questions asked!

  17. Aaww Nice picture. (sweetie he is)

  18. Thanks 4 confirming Doc! I will b heading over there this afternoon and hope this is the good newz we all b waiting 4 😉

  19. so cool… it’s been 4 days since i visited NYC… what a LUCK!!

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