The Black Eyed Peas Perform “The Time” At AMA’s

The Black Eyed Peas performed "The Time" at the American Music Awards and the stage was cool, the outfits were cool.  Fergie looked good as well.

There has been better but it was entertaining. 

BTW, HATE the shout out at the end letting us know when the CD drops.  Have the label put up in ad at the end of the performance or buy ad time at the next commercial break.

It dates the performance really quick.  Just saying.

What do you guys think of the performance?-Dr.FB

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  1. I liked their performance! W/ tha glow n tha dark, tha song tht dey performed
    was ok too. I like `em but tha song is somethin tht I jus gotta get n2, but
    congrats on ur award, but I do have 2 say is that I loved Diddy`s performance
    wen her was on American Idol dis season, w/ their
    glow n tha dark performance wen Diddy Dirty Money performed Hello, Goodmorning,
    now tht got me up dancin, but tha BEP`s sorry, it wasnt somethin tht got me
    up dancin & say WOW! But, BEP`s u do better next time…

  2. This is not Music this is a Joke !!! Ahahah !!!

  3. boring…next.
    The live performance was worse than the recording. Ferg. should go out on her own. IMO she is the only reason they are still together.

  4. sorry…the BEP’s are boring performers….their music sounds better in my car than it does live. I buy their cd’s but I surely hate their stage performances….lol

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