Lady Gaga Drops “Born This Way” & Sets I-Tunes Records

So Lady Gaga dropped "Born This Way" on the world and.....it sounded like Madonna did in 1986.

First time I heard about this song back in August of 2010, I did not imagine the lyrics would be like this....aside from the "Don't be a drag..just be a Queen."

Regardless of what I think, it set records for selling the most downloads through I-Tunes in 1 day.

Maybe I need to hear this at a club....but as of right now, highly disapointed.

Gets a dunk it from me. What do you think of "Born This Way" by lady Gaga? Funk it or Dunk it?-Dr.FB

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  1. My personal favorite vocalists and bands in recent history are undoubtedly: CĂ©line Dion, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Alanis Morissette…

  2. BORN THIS WAY was a very disappointing Madonna rip-off!

  3. Dunk…not digging it at all. She’s a smart lady. No need to rip off Madonna AGAIN.

  4. VERY disappointing. It sounds like Madonna’s Express Yourself. I like the message but that’s it. It’s not hard hitting enough musicwise. Like the Doc, I want to hear this in a club and I might change my tune.

  5. loving this song cant wait to see it live

  6. You don’t like this? This is cool! It is catchy with a great message!

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