Prince Is “Extra Loveable” But Where Will He Play Next?

Prince at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Dec. 29 | Copyright NPG Records 2010

Hmm.  Prince is “Extra Loveable”…and we know that you know that.  So is the doc as well.

We can only guess PRINCE is not worried about new lawsuit claims. (What?  Didn’t think WE would mention it? tsk.  He is not worried bout, we ain’t worried bout it.) 

Perhaps he is on a high with Misty Copeland being his “date” to Elton John’s Oscar party…..that we did not even hear if Prince even had an Oscar party…..shoot, we would be on a high too.  A girl the doc dated in high school was a former ballerina n she was quite bendy.  Ahem.  ‘Scuse me…..

Wherever PRINCE plays next, make your way there!!!!!

We just got word that he got a 25 minute live version of the bootleg classic “EXTRA LOVEABLE” that he is about to unleash.  What do you know about that PURPLE FUNK????? 

(I know I would love to hear a sample of that 25 minutes, PRINCE.  Ahem.  Just putting it out there…..)

With PRINCE bringing out jams like “Extra Loveable” the party is going to go on for days ya’ll!!!!!!!

BTW, do we still have permission to tweet during a show that has “Extra Loveable” in it?-Dr.FB

Prince. Photo:

Prince. Photo:



  • Chocolate_Box777
    Posted at 17:32h, 12 March


    Where r ur parents???????????

  • erykah13yearsold
    Posted at 15:33h, 12 March

    LOVINN THAT PIC OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • P.O.P
    Posted at 23:54h, 11 March

    Stop hatin’ on Misty yall. There is “SOMEONE” (one person) going around the internet telling everyone that Misty is “Average, bland, has an underbite, looks like bubba gump, has side burns, etc”. They also love Bria Valente.


    Too too funny.

    On the other hand, I still dont think Prince knows how to really love. He is in love with the idea of love but its been proven that he doesnt have the chops for when the going gets tough. He bails… everytime. its not boredom, its immaturity.

  • P.O.P
    Posted at 23:49h, 11 March

    wisdomlove- I figured YOU would think Bria was “gorgeous”. Lol! too funny.

    Thank you

    “Oh na na, whats my name?”


  • wisdomlove
    Posted at 12:43h, 11 March

    Oh come on!! Bria is gorgeous like mani and mayte, I can understand the attraction there, but misty is very average looking and has a bland personality. The dancing swan phase will wear off and the man will be bored out of his mind!
    Prince knows how to love, but will he allow himself to do that for just any lolita? Not hardly!

  • Symton
    Posted at 08:44h, 11 March


  • Chocolatsis65
    Posted at 08:27h, 11 March

    “Wicked is the witch that stands for nothing, all the while watch see u fall”
    “Things aren’t always what they seem”
    “Can’t cha feel the new day dawnin, (all believers) will see… an end to suffering and every disease”
    “Two sides to every story”

    One thing the man knows is how to love, he epiptomizes it. “Extra Loveable” remember thats why u come to this site. Truth is if he came up to any of u n asked u 2 be his friend, lover, wife, dancer, mate whatever u would all say yes even if he was poor, if he still was the same man and made the music that moves u like no other!

  • P.O.P
    Posted at 18:22h, 10 March

    @wisdomlove, what do you mean??? It already has destroyed everything SEVERAL times. he doesnt care. People say his excuse is he gets bored, but the truth is, he doesnt know how to love. He said his vows twice, and twice he broke them. He wont change. By the way, at this time, I dont think Prince cares about how people think Misty looks because they ARE dating. Its obvious. Just like people said Bria looked like a man and was a hyped beauty, Prince dont care. Lots of folks thought Bria was average looking. Besides, Misty’s getting him attention right now, and he likes that. But just like the rest, he will get bored and you are right, she is very average looking but sideburns and hairy arms??? Stop. I think the man is past looks in his time and life.

  • wisdomlove
    Posted at 14:03h, 10 March

    I’d like to add that when he does choose the woman he will wed, Prince should quit cheating, it will catch up with him sooner or later and destroy everything.

  • wisdomlove
    Posted at 13:57h, 10 March

    Misty has sideburns and hairy arms and average goofy face. She is so bland and conservative so I don’t think she will make the cut as Prince’s woman. Media attention on any woman does not even keep HIS attention for long. He in insatiable for ladies and noone has been able to tie him down yet even with the wedding ring. Sad but true. Cheers to him if he chooses a woman who will hold him down in good and bad times and be the real future baby mama. He should pay his bills so he does not lose PP. This song extralovable is just a decoy from his very real problems right now.

  • shoegirl
    Posted at 00:57h, 10 March

    Playa. It’s cool. I’m over it. Like I said, Peace.

  • P.o.p
    Posted at 06:12h, 09 March

    Did I really upset you that bad?

    Here’s where you can start with me: get a clue. Then question who’s being aggressive, not to mention condescending. You are reaching. You comment on the music to make it seem as if that’s your true focus before you say what you really intended. That’s why you’re still rambling. Your bait is as obvious as a whale in shallow waters. What a bore.
    Bottom line, prince will keep attracting the “wrong type” until he grows up. Misty is a good start, but the handed off propaganda is old and boring like shoegirls attitude.

  • shoegirl
    Posted at 02:37h, 08 March

    Ooo aggressive. I like it. Why are you assuming that I was talking specifically about Misty Copeland? What I said was pretty general, just as how I read what you wrote to be general. Just two different view points, playa. I don’t know who knows more “jackshit.” I guess you determined that. At least I can apply some sort of logic than the quite obvious assumptions only those would make with the simple eye. Obviously you do care as this article was originally about the track and you only made a comment about the dating.

    I don’t even know where I should start with you. I shouldn’t have said anything. Obviously will not get anywhere with you, playa. Peace.

  • PlayOnPlaya
    Posted at 23:55h, 07 March

    @shoegirl I wasnt referring to Misty Copeland being the innocent twit. I dont care who Prince dates, I feel sorry for all of them because Prince is a playa. yes, all of “them” lol. not hating on any of the girls. Even if they are young and impressionable. Laugh at yourself for taking the time to speak on something you know jackshit about.

  • CJBabyDaddy
    Posted at 20:58h, 07 March

    Prince —

    You are officially on notice to refrain from making any plans to perform in DC between June 16 and July 3, 2011. Any attempt to schedule any DC concerts during the period of my vacation in Italy will result in Misty Copeland dropping your scrawny behind for me, your teleprompters going all Soul Train Scramble Board on you, and all sorts of bad karma that you can’t even imagine. Take heed, brother, take heed.

  • shoegirl
    Posted at 15:57h, 07 March

    I am in awe at all the complaints! He’s been playing nothing but the hits the last few concert series and the real fans are itching for all the real good stuff: the unreleased tracks and the songs Prince fans really like. 25 minutes of “Extra Loveable?!” I’ll ask you again. 25 minutes of “Extra Loveable?!”…..

    That’s just one song. If he does that live, I can’t wait to see what else he has lined up. That is just a party waitin’ to happen. I’d give anything to have Prince do what he did back in his Prime.

    No complaints in this corner. Support anyone???

    Enough with the women drama. Who cares? You are all speaking on his or her behalf like you were either of them. Whether he is really dating any of the lately seen women or it’s all just a publicity stunt, it sure is working the hell out of all of you. All I know is, even if temporary, I’d love to be his “date” for a moment! If you had a chance would that be your goal? To tie him down? I wonder who’s more delusional. Prince’s “dates” or the obsessive fans who stalks these women. All those hating, are surely jealous to the core! Check yourself, especially the person calling any of the lucky ones, “innocent twits.” Hah. You make me laugh.

  • BigA
    Posted at 12:02h, 06 March

    He’s back in LA and not paying his bills! If Prince aint worried, we shouldnt be, right? Well rumor has it that he has not paid editors, aids, security, lawyers and sound engineers. But they dont have enough money to sue. Except the lawyers. Funny how that is. I hope Bria socked away her millions now that she is out here stalking him. Yes Bria we saw you at Geisha. He’s living with his assistant now who is all over the net and FB talking about how she is getting PAID and is going to MARRY him and she is HER employee. She pays him and owns the house they live in.

    Psycho fan! Why does Prince always hire fans? One day hes gonna do one of them wrong and they are going to start stalking him.. oh Hi briaN. I belive this pile of shit when he actually mans up and pays people, that’s why he is broke all the time (rumor? Karma. But he is too proud to understand that concept so we are going to see him go the way of Sly.

    And how about Mani talking about him on FB too? She said she hopes he doesnt go the way of Charlie Sheen on 20/20. That bitch is brutal. All I can say is Prince knows how to pick em. STAY AWAY FROM HIRING AND FUCKING FANS!! Shit! Misty, at least, has a career and a passion before she met him. Ten dollars right now on how the assistant is going to take off with his millions like all the ones before her.

    bottom line, this guy in his hole history has never been true to his world. I don’t think integirty exists not for the people that work for him, not for the woemn he fucks and not for his fans.

    Prince version 2011 still sucks. He is hiding out pretending that if his assistant, or as she puts it “work wife and manager but soon to be wife” pays him he doesn’t have any income where people can try and collect. Hey playah! Your property is still in your name.

    How much is Paisley Park worth these days? LOL

  • PlayOnPlaya
    Posted at 02:04h, 06 March

    so lets get this straight, prince passed this off to you as “news” to keep the hype going about this relationship he has with misty copeland? ok. she pretty much solidified that they were dating in her recent interview with madame noir when she avoided the question entirely only to say that “she loved prince to death and he would be in her life for a long time.” prince is a player and will never be faithful to anyone but himself and his guitar. misty aint the only girl prince is “dating” and theres a reason why hes back in LA. shame for all the innocent twits who think theyre going to change him.

  • Nigel Swan
    Posted at 20:20h, 05 March

    Lets hope it not another souless, funkless disaster like Large room with no light was.

    For fucks sake Prince, wake the fuck up.

  • tom
    Posted at 15:20h, 05 March

    I’m still waiting for 20ten to hit the US. I haven’t heard it yet. “Still Waiting” No wonder people try to find bootlegs, they can’t wait to hear it. Not my style though. Looking forward to hearing it. If you sell it Prince, I will buy it.

  • Aprilflower
    Posted at 10:22h, 05 March

    Love you Prince — caught you in Oakland on 2/23 — what a show — here’s some extra loveable hugs and kisses — would love to meet you — also a new website would be great — thank you Prince and thank you doc

  • Ulmerstar
    Posted at 07:37h, 05 March

    Please Prince – be “extra loveable” and release it!

  • moonpool
    Posted at 04:39h, 05 March

    Coo… coo… 2 U

  • Chocolate_Box777
    Posted at 04:30h, 05 March

    Good news hopefully he will debut this soon here in LA……….

  • Mirri
    Posted at 02:55h, 05 March

    WOW cool Prince Xtra lovable U r loved <3

    Thanx 4 the news Doc

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