Video: Prince & The NPG With Sheila E. “Ur’e The 1 4 Me” Live Performance

Here is PRINCE & The New Power Generation along with special guest Sheila E. and The Twinz along with Shelby J. on lead vocals perfoming "U're The 1 4 Me" a funk soul classic by D-Train.

21 Nights in L.A. Are you ready?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Nothing But A Party

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  1. Now that he’s gone Inglewood is a snore again !

  2. awesome version!! LOVE Sheila E WOW!

  3. awesome song! I Wonder who is the one for him

  4. Party onstage! How fun!! Was never a big fan of Shelby J but she is an amazing performer! You can feel her energy and she connects with the audience.

  5. WOW what a party!!!!!! I need to b in LA.

  6. Man that was hot! I did NOT expect to see Prince pull out a D Train JAM! I love that song and for him and Shelby J to pull it out like that, I was like WHOA I might have to go out to L.A. to see a show! LOL L.A. gonna be WRECKED when its all over with!

  7. Wow, this was really good!! I tend to be hard on the guy at times (expect too much) but this was hot.

  8. That was a wise choice song 4 the Latino audience….It has a very Latin feel 2 it………Prince may very well b a puerto rican brother 4rm another mother…lol Love the drummer boy routine & Shelby J’s vocals were good & the choreography was on point…..The negativity needs 2 stop

  9. Shelby J did a great job with with that solo lead performance, and that song she sang brought back some fun memories of back in the day music.

  10. Shelby J is such a great singer… Love her too! You Rocked NPG, the Twins and the Purple Yoda!! Thanks for a great party!! LA you are so blessed. I hope Prince will play Detroit someday soon!! Not soon enough!!!

  11. Bitching about cover versions and then playing a crap one yourself on the same show.

  12. Funkaaay!! \o/
    Come back to EU!!

  13. Woo-hoo! LA are so lucky! The Forum will never be the same again!

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