Ellen Gets Her Groove On To Prince’s “Kiss”

Ellen had her Emmy special yesterday and felt the need to dance to "Kiss" by Prince.

We must say her dancing to "Kiss" is a whole lot better than Lady Antebellum covering "Kiss" that's for sure.

The audience was loving it...except for some girl you can see with her arms crossed at the 1:15 mark.  What's her deal?  Shake it like a white girl!  Do something.

We need some Prince news.  Like 7 minutes ago.  Something.  Anything.  Hmm.  Prince on Ellen would be cool.  No.  No. No!  We mean on her show.  Where is your mind?

For now, we will just enjoy Ellen doing her thing...for as long as the video stays up.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Ellen Knows How To Undress Her...But Where's The Fun In That?

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  2. Prince News.. hmm.. not sure you’ve covered this but after his concert in Zurich mid august he extended his stay and spent 11 days at a recording studio near Zurich. Record in the making?

  3. Thank you Jonathan for that. Appreciate it.

  4. The girl who wasn’t having fun was actually one of Harry Connick Jr’s daughters or just one of this family members (he was the guest that day). She looked like she was having zero fun throughout the entire show.

  5. saw it, danced it, loved it!

  6. You’re not wrong!

  7. I watch Ellen everyday i seen that yesterday it was pretty cool she needs 2 have him on again

  8. So is it a Prince thing as to why I’ve always dug Ellen, or is it something else? Hmm? Eitha way, G’on Ellen. Get cho groove on, Girl!!

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