Andy Allo & Prince Cover Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is A Losing Game”

Amy Winehouse  File Photo

Amy Winehouse File Photo

This is really cool.  Andy Allo posted on her Facebook Fan Page an acoustic version of "Love Is A Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse that her and Prince covered after Amy Winehouse's untimely passing.

Prince & Andy Allo. Photo : NPG Records 2011

It sounds like it is done backstage or recorded on the fly like "Guitar" was last week.  There is nothing spoken about Amy but this is one of Prince's favorite Amy Winehouse songs that he has been doing live for years.  In 2007,  Amy Winehouse performed it with Prince during his record-breaking O2 run in London. This features Andy on vocals and Prince (?) on guitar as he is credited on the track.

Check it out:

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Nice tribute. Amy.  Sigh.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Love Really Is A Losing Game

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  1. Nice try, to bad not one of the older musicians, ex junkies now, tried to help her, oh maybe they did, so sorry Amy is dead, loved her music, thank you Mel Gibson for helping Britney Spears !! Amy, hope it’s allright whith you now, where ever you are, no more addictions !

  2. I only listened to first 2 mins of this. Prince is quickly teaching Andy Allo how to capitalize off of other artist’s fans. Maybe this latest publicity stunt by the two of them will get Andy 7,000 twitter followers and 10,000 likes on facebook.

    R.I.P. Amy Winehouse. I’ll remember your voice and your songs.

  3. Nice version, you can hear Prince humming near the end. RIP Amy, I had hoped for you to get past the addiction and return to what you do best. Addiction and your darkness took hold, thank you for the music.

  4. nice version…2 bad it wont do Amy any good. Poor girl! gone 2 soon!

  5. Dope! ^_^

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