Video Premiere: The Original 7ven (The Time) “#Trendin”

Here is the video for "#Trendin" by the Original 7ven aka The Time.

4 funky.  As they say, all the tweetie pies post this on your blog.  So, we are.

It's been a long time and we are ready for the playback.  Check it out now.

The L.A. Show at Nokia Club October 19th goes on sale this weekend.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  ....N I Don't Mean The Record....

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  1. The whole idea is to break free……which they’ve done.dont expect the same old FUNKIN THANG

  2. I’m not a fan of the name at all; it sounds generic and clearly does not make you think of the group at all. I have no idea why they simply did not take the name “Flyte Tyme,” since that was the original name of the band before Prince brought in Morris Day and Jesse Johnson. Not to mention Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis own the name outright (it is the name of their production company and record label), so there is no issue whatsoever with Prince.

  3. I don’t like it at all!! Sounds amateur.

  4. LMAO!

  5. Maybe will see you there CB777…..you will have to have your tongue out the whole time so I could recognize you. 😛

  6. Duane…..in his skin? 😉


  8. Where is Prince when you need him..

  9. I’m not really hooked on the single but i am looking forward to listening to the album. The state of music industry today just sucks.

  10. Honestly, it’s just OK. Sounds kind of like the Time’s verson of MJ Breakn News. Ummm thinking back, didn’t Jimmy and Terry was supposed to work with The Jack5ons? Things that make you go hmmmm :/ Sounds like a left over song to me…

  11. The original cool is back. Can’t wait 4 the show…Its gonna b funky…..

  12. This is really nice…….I like it! I can hear it pumpin in the car, clubs and charts. Will defget the CD.

    Still not feeling the name change……. you’d figure they could come up with something more creative…..gonna b thinking of a cooler name 2 suggest. Will bet back 2 ya all.

  13. Real music, for real music lovers !! Can’t wait for the album and tour :)

  14. botox-synth-funk…
    i hope the record sounds better than this ’cause this is very poor

  15. What time is it? Its time to have an old school funk battle!
    Bring on the kid….

  16. I actually have been looking forward to this for a Long Time Too….. I hope enough people hear about this album….. With the name Change and All…..

    Musgrave – Chicago

  17. As a video, it’s okay.

  18. Been lookin’ forward to their return for a long time! Thanks for posting it Doc!

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