Andy Allo Featured In April 2012 Vogue!

Andy Allo Vogue April 2012
Andy Allo Vogue April 2012

Andy Allo Vogue April 2012

High Fashion! Andy Allo is featured in the April 2012 issue of Vogue and we are told it is the highlight of the magazine!

According to our friends at Afrolistas&TheCity, they spotted Andy in the index section of the latest Vogue and said they she was the only thing about the magazine worth mentioning.  They love her style, her music, her beauty and her afro.

Andy Allo is getting set to release her new CD "Superconductor" and if you haven't already, you can listen to "People Pleaser" HERE!!!!

To hold you over, here is Miss Allo performing "Dreamland from 2010. We have a feeling Afrolistas&TheCity will be digging the song...and her 'fro.-DocFB

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  1. Somebody throw that lil girl a sandwich! You think thin is fabulous? I much prefer a shapely woman to stickfigure models like Andy and Kate Moss. Anorexia was born from this warped view of how an ideal female body should look. Give me a Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce any day over skinny girls.

  2. You go Girl. Good luck and looking fabulously thin. Love it. Hope the single sells.

  3. And more LOVE

  4. I like how Walaye criticizes all songs she’s done with Prince when no ones even heard a full song yet. Damn. People so anxious to hate on her for being smart and getting her name out there. I guess internet spectators have to have hobbies.

  5. This is hardly newswothy, to be honest . She’s a background singer at NPG and not Lady Gaga or next up coming Adele. This has nothing to do with music either that ad campaign in that fashion magazine. Lame!

  6. Andy Allo is rail thin!!!!!!! I knew she was small but she is waaay too skinny. When will the fashion world hire some women (not girls) with curves and healthy bodies! People pleaser is MEH x 3. I prefer her Unfresh album to anything she has done with Prince. Although she would never make it to the main stream, this girl is riding the coat tails of Prince BIG TIME! It’s only a matter of time before she gets kicked off the purple money train and then we will see how she fairs on her own merits.

    HEY Doc! this is not a feature. This is an ad in the back of the magazine. Your title is misleading. FYI

  7. Congratz Andy!

  8. Congrats to miss @andyallo on her Vogue feature! Don’t borrow clothes from @Prince_NPG and you’ll do well.

  9. Wow. That’s big.

  10. mmm not feeling the song…sorry

  11. Beauty

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