PRINCE Rocks Australia, Talks Why Everyone Should Experience “Purple Rain” Live & Madonna

Prince Photo: AP Images For NPG Records 2012
Prince Photo: AP Images For NPG Records 2012

Prince Photo: AP Images For NPG Records 2012

Last night, PRINCE performed an almost 25 minute version of the song he feels everyone should experience live, "Purple Rain", leaving Australian concertgoers in awe.

"Everybody should experience this song in concert at least once in their lives," he told TheFIX. "No one experience is the same."

Even though he hasn't taken the stage in Australia since 2003, he feels this trip will be the best because of his crew.  

"These people are sooo much fun!  We actually enjoy one another's company and it's reflected onstage every night."

He talks about songs that used to bore him performing. "It used to be 'Little Red Corvette' until we re-worked it into a slow blues,"  "It's hot now. A good example of song evolution over time. We actually know better what the song is about now."

Hmm.  You mean it wasn't about a.....ahhh  nevermind.

His favorite live music right now is Lianne La Havas, his guitarist Mr. (Andy) McKee, support act Delilah and Andy Allo.  His all time favorite?  Bass legend Larry Graham.  "He reminds us all of what was great in the past.  "Everyone who meets him has the same response. He's a kind man who is always encouraging. After a shred with him you feel like you can conquer anything."

Prince even brought up Madonna, one of the big 3 of music acts from the good ol' days, the 80's, and her success, although different than his.  "Every artist approaches this from a different angle,"  "[Madonna] has actually become quite successful on her own terms.

He even talks proudly of his first and former record label Warner Bros.

"To us, [credibility] is all subjective. I started off primarily as a live performer, who mastered the studio at an early age by actually owning one.

"Warner Bros. granted rights unheard of at the time that allowed us the freedom to produce music unencumbered. Working without a net or a ceiling benefits us greatly. Thus, music became a real job, not a hobby.

Although Prince and Madonna are still around, 2 of the 80's biggest stars, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston unfortunately, are not.

When asked why he did not have a similiar fate, he asks the interviewer to watch a youtube clip of the author of "Eat, Pray, Love" Elizabeth Gilbert.  We provided the video below.

"The music we create supports families and dreams. Both of which are quite big now."

For the full set list from the 1st Sydney show, and to download a HQ version of the photo above, click the continue reading button...

Gold incl. Andy McKee acoustic Purple Rain intro w/ Andy McKee
Jam Of The Year Also Sprach Zarathustra .
$ (!!!!) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                                                                                                    Song Of The Heart Also Sprach Zarathustra reprise

Let's Go Crazy
Delirious Let's Go Crazy (coda)
Little Red Corvette
Lost & Found
Nothing Compares 2 U
Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
Cool incl.
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
[guitar set]
Sometimes It Snows In April (instrumental)
Love... Thy Will Be Done (!!!)
Mountains . .
The Dance Electric . .(!!!)
[Sampler set]
When Doves Cry / Hot Thing / Nasty Girl (instrumental) / Sign O' The Times / The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / Forever In My Life / I Would Die 4 U all as sample snippets w/ live vocals
Kiss . .
Purple Rain . .
Controversy .

There is an afterjam at Ivy in Sydney following tonight's show.  We will have a setlist and afterjam notes as well and we invite those that attended to share their reviews there.  For those that attended the first show, what did you think?-DocFB

For future afterjam info make sure to follow Drfunkenberry & DJRashida On Twitter.

Here is a download link to a HQ photo of Prince used for this story.

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  1. I know exactly what she’s been talking about :/

  2. Creativity is Life..thanx 4 Gilbert vid.

    Here a vid where Lisa talks 2 ur soul

  3. Very nice video by Ms. Gilbert. I can see why Prince pointed his fans to it. He has often said and some of his closest friends have agreed that MUSIC just seems to come to him on a whim and he has to write it down and perform it at that moment. This also explains why he takes both praise and criticism the same. For people on the outside, it’s sometimes difficult to see that…of course, there will always be the contrarian who will say it’s not that difficult at all. Such is life, I guess! I still remember this quote from Prince: “I pray every night….and I don’t ask for much. I just say, thank you.” I think he feels the same today…more or less.

  4. Thanks Doc, love it … *smile*

  5. He’s succh a great performer with obviously great taste! I LOVE Andy Mcgee and Liana La Lavas!

  6. pure genius i tell you….prince is a forever evolving

  7. the video!!!!


  9. Thank you for the Prince update, but what I really enjoyed was the Ms. Gilbert clip. I would love to sit and talk with Prince and get to know him as a real person not just a performer. This clip was amazing. I feel exactly the same yet would like to add something………if you are lucky enough to be blessed to experience a life changing event or know someone who has changed or made your life better and then it is gone or they are taken away, be thankful not mournful. You got to experience something others may never get to experience. Look back at that time with fondness and realize how lucky you were……..and maybe….just maybe you can experience that again one day.

    I have never seen Prince in concert…..but I hope one day I will.

  10. Great to see Prince & NPG at it in Australia. Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts here are illuminating and on point, thanks for sharing.

  11. Prince and DocFB I love you and thanks for the clip. Mine come in dreams and its so hard to record what I receive in an half altered state such as sleep. Just this morning it happened and I was too groggy to have the prescence of mind to grab my journal and a pen….Now I can’t remember what the lyrics were…Something about Dear God and feeling like my life would be over soon. But I was singing it…….and I can no longer sing in real life. It gets very frustrating sometimes. But I agree that the pressure should not be put on the artist. ……Great clip! Thanks again.

  12. Thank you Prince for hipping us to this vid! She’s so courageous for standing up and saying it. And I needed to hear that. Right at this time. I’m also deeply grateful for $ making it onto the setlist! I danced with joy!

  13. Thank YOU so so much for posting,doc.It does change everything

  14. Thanks for that great pic! Prince looks fabulous and I love that jacket!!


  16. I have yet to experience Prince in concert so that means I haven’t experienced Purple Rain live yet. One of these days I will. 🙂

    I watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s video and enjoyed it.

  17. I Love this man! Yup, I sure do! I saw that clip of Elizabeth Gilbert, and I get it.

    He is amazing, and wow, I wish I could be in Austrailia, as much to be at an after party equally as at a concert! 🙂

  18. I love the gold suit 🙂

  19. OMG!!! Prince looks amazing!!!! Please come back to VEGAS

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