Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2012
Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2012

Prince. Photo: NPG Records 2012

In the middle of the night, this FUNK landed in our inbox along with this message.....

On April 17, 2012, several bystanders in the streets of Chanhassen, Minnesota saw Paisley Park swaying back and forth 2 the sound of "Days of Wild and Loose". This is a copy of the 19 minute rehearsal of that jam!

Thank U,
Prince and The New Power Generation
..."Aint nobody LOVE YA betta than AUSTRALIA!"

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Wow. ย Just...wow. ย What do U all think?-DocFB

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  1. Seriously? Why did Prince ruin this song, he should give it back to Prince and apoligize. Why does he continue to ruin songs, Extralovable was enough, please stop the violence!

  2. Funky! Funky!Funky! lil more Bass please !

  3. He has a wig and is still doing the blow, still funky, love him.

  4. WoW!!! STANLEY CuP in L.A. and this PRiNCE JAM!!! I’m a VERY HAPPY, HAPPY MAN!!!

  5. man i needed a good dose of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!! loved it. he even played some america!!! wow. much love and blessings to prince, dr fb and everyone!!!!!! thank God for this man and his music!!!!

  6. OMG! You see, that is what I’m talking bout…Son, keeps it FUNKY! OMG! Loving this music mix……

  7. I love this MAN! This is a great one to listen to first thing in the morning to get all the juices flowing! Good thing my daughter is off to school as I listen to this so I don’t get the eye roll for dancing around the house like I can only do to Prince and the NPG! WOW, love it!

    Thanks for sharing! Many a day his music plays in the background and is the passion that I put into my creativity! if I could thank him, I would. I think today is going to be an intensly creative day today Prince and Doc, thanks so much for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. This is getting some really positive reviews – and rightly so. This is a stompin’ funkfest and shared freely no less. Musically true to the original with lyrical tweaks understandably.

    But, yeah, please consider a new studio release Prince – and/ or a live dvd from W2 tour

  10. Very fonky P! Keep em coming!!!

  11. Golden Mash-Up.. heartbeat-props!

  12. AWESOME!

    THX 4 THIS!!!

  13. * Hump np: Prince & The N.P.G. – Days of Wild and Loose [18:57m/320kbps/44kHz]

  14. I love the pic….an elegant humility….a clear thank you to the Aussies ๐Ÿ™‚ very sweet!

  15. WOW loved it!
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Prince and Doc! Totally makes my day =)

  16. Lovin’ it…how cool this got shared! Thx much 2 all involved ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I heard this FUNK bumpin’ all the way in Chaska! Chaska is next to Chan.

  18. nice one. i’ve been hoping he would dust off “get wild” again. such a nice tune which
    would go down a treat at shows and after shows alike, i’m sure.

    these recent rehearsals put together make for a very nice live EP. thanks for postin’

    here’s to hoping that the studio version of “the dance electric” is about to surface ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. torture to not have the mp3

  20. Fantastic we get another free gift.

    Great track, amazing funk!

    If i was to be awkward i’d say it sounds like Days Of Wild lite musically, compared to the insane, housequaking Crystal Ball version. But this is a rehearsal jam, so it has the benefit of the doubt and it sounds great anyway.
    It just needs a bit more dynamic energy and bass….and maybe it had that on the actual performance day and hopefully i’ll see that the day he’s back in sunny england.

    Give us a whole album of Days Of Wild, Ol School Company type tracks, Prince! Imagine that….PHEW!

  21. I’m so a morning person and have been dancin to this whilst i get ready:-) sayin to my boo come on do this… he’s like ahh!! I hate mornings! Too funky 4 him oh well

  22. It’s cool…but what we need …….It’s A new Album by Prince!! if u read this…thanx in advance Mr Prince!!

  23. Nice incorporation of “Aint Nobody”!!!

  24. Hot like fire!!!!

  25. squeeeeee!!!!!!! i love it when prince makes my day. many thanks!!!!

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