Listen Now To The Jam Of The Week “North Carolina” By Shelby J. Feat. Anthony Hamilton Produced By PRINCE


Here is the FIRST single from Shelby J.'s upcoming album which will be released in 2013. The single is entitled "North Carolina" featuring Anthony Hamilton and produced by PRINCE. The song is our jam of the week!

The track was debuted yesterday on WNAA 90.1 FM in Charlotte yesterday where Shelby hosted a 2 hour radio special where she interviewed Andy Allo and played some of her favorite jams.

We are digging "North Carolina" and like the honesty of the lyrics, taking it where others wouldn't dare to go.

Check out the song above and let us know what you think. Make sure to buy it when it is released on 12-12-12 to support real artists like Shelby J.!!!!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Elisa Dease's daughter is too cute!

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  1. I like it! I like it!

  2. I could listen 2 ur music all day, Shelby J!! Love the song! Thanks to U and Prince for sharing…

  3. the song is to long.

  4. All of the vocals are on point. I truly love this song. Congratulations Shelby J.

  5. there is such depth to Shelby J’s voice (hard to explain, but you know it when you hear it) and the song is quite moving. Anthony Hamilton is a very good pairing with Shelby J. as his sound is just as full of life as hers. Loved the song….put yo’ hands up! LoL

  6. Wow….shelby J every Since I heard you murder chelsea Rogers (which should still be considered a lead intl single for the NPG to this day) I waited patiently for you to put out a great album….maybe one day Ill meet you and produce a record on you…..in fact I think I will do just that St George

  7. “MasterPiece”!!!!!

  8. Nice.Hope it does well!

  9. Lovin’ this track… Seamless blend of musical styles here. After the 6 minute mark, Prince’s flavor comes through strongly.

    Sonically, it’s a bit over compressed, but it was taken from the radio so that explains it.

  10. Sounds fantastic! I hope her CD comes out in stores! I would love to buy something created by Shelby J!

  11. Awesome!!! Funky flavor… NC … The amazing Shelby J

  12. Thanks for posting doc. Love

  13. very nice thanks for sharing

  14. Love it!!! What a great, strong woman. I love me some Shelby J!

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