A Discussion On Prince In 2013; 3rd Eye Girl; A New Site?; Paisley Park Performances?

Prince NPG Records 2013

Last night, I did a spreecast with host Seth Everett on PRINCE in 2013. Me and Seth had these before where we just discuss things on Prince and what is going on. With 4 songs being “leaked” a few days before, people were thinking there would be breaking Prince news instead of a discussion of things.

Now, wouldn’t I put the big news on my site or advertise the spreecast here? I tweeted and facebooked it only. Still, expectations ran high.

I can understand that when it comes to Prince, people’s expectations run high, even though it said for a couple of days it is going to be a discussion. No special guests. Will there be some things asked and shared? Yes. Expectations many times lead to disappointment when nothing was ever promised.

If you wish to access the spreecast, you can do so HERE.

Some interesting things were discussed and so they did not get lost in the mix, I figured we could discuss them here and allow some input from you the reader.

Topic #1. I wanted to debate the pros and cons of “free” content. Let’s say “3rd Eye Girl” was/is posting unreleased content without permission. Shouldn’t 3rd Eye pay for what they post? Then say the NPG could pay all of the employed producers of the content. n 19-member band paid annually is no joke. We all have bills to be paid.

Topic # 2. A discussion of a new web site. With so many of the Prince community hooked up online would and could the fans get together and start their own NPG MUSIC CLUB (Prince’s successful subscription and membership service used back in the early 2000’s), pool their $ and vote on what type of music they want?

Meaning if they wanted new songs, rehearsals, material from the vault, complete live shows, certain videos. This way, it skips the need of I-Tunes and other 3rd (sic)parties. If the fans created a network similar 2 Facebook, a fee could be given to the NPG and they could just fill the order, pay those deserving and stop all the lawsuits in one fell swoop. Thoughts?

Topic # 3. IF “3rd Eye Girl” turns out to be a band member, say the NPG’s newest additions Hannah Ford or Donna Grantis, what should be the disciplinary action taken? In the past, former band members have leaked material. Perhaps more thorough background checks are needed.

Topic # 4. Andy Allo was indeed the co-producer of the CD Superconductor. I was in the studio first-hand to see that happen. It is jointly owned by NPG and Alloevolution.

Of the all the artists that worked with Prince, Andy was one of the few who did not follow guide vocal trax originally laid down by Prince. Only the 3 songs that Prince co-wrote were produced in this manner. Andy is extremely talented and a quick-learner. She refuses to punch-in individual songs and rather goes back 2 the top when necessary to get a performance that she has sole approval of. She was given an unlimited budget by NPG to fulfill her vision. The results are something all of us can be proud of.

What do you guys think of “Superconductor”?

Topic #5. Paisley Park. The soundstage at Paisley Park is currently under renovation. It looks like Barbarella meets Sweet Charity. Are their any new fans that wanna experience late-nite parties at Paisley Park? What’s a good cover charge that everyone can agree on? Yes, Prince will be there.

Now, I want to state these topics do NOT cover everything that PRINCE will be doing in 2013. I think it is safe to say (But I am assuming)we could expect a new album with some good promotion by it, a tour (Where n when would be determined at a later date.) and so much more.

When these Paisley Park shows would take place is not exactly known. As it states, Paisley is under renovation. That could take a while. He just wants to know that when it does open, what do you feel should be the cover charge?

I think it is a good start that he is thinking of another web site but wants the fans heavily involved this time. Perhaps so the NPG is held responsible for what content is provided. It shows the Internet is NOT dead. It shows that social media does serve it’s purpose to some extent. I think it shows that he doesn’t want to be completely accessible via Twitter or Youtube and would use it when he feels it could benefit him and not a “3rd party”, so to speak.

I was going to put up a poll but I think it is best served if you answer the questions and perhaps when we have more of a general idea, we could do a poll with the most popular answers. I thank you for your time.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Surrender expectations. More things then will be fulfilled.



  • happi
    Posted at 09:20h, 10 January

    I loved the discussion last night, and it was great to discuss different opinions and to hear what everyone thought about 🙂 So Thanks!!!
    On the topic of 3rdeyegirl.. well of course I enjoyed it! Lol New Material!? come on, yeah, it’s exciting! Not gonna even lie. Should it have been released? NO.. and I do believe that if it was without permission than monies should be paid. I know there are some strict rules when working with Prince, and I cannot imagine that they didn’t know that there would be consequences. Andy eluded to the same thing at times when she posted somethings through her facebook account, saying, I hope I don’t get into too much trouble… so I have to believe it’s a known fact that if you take someone’s art, you’re a theif, and you should pay the price.
    ART… whether music, actual art, footage, or concert footage… when you’re a musician, it’s very precious. You spend lots of energy, lots of emotion, and it hurts when someone uses it in an unintended way, or uses your work without permission. I, Firsthand, know what it’s like to be copied and used without permission, and it’s like whoa.. who said?.. where did u?? Wait! lol With all that said.. I would not feel comfortable being apart of a paid group that is run by fans just like me. It’s made me think…. I’m a huge fan, at one time a ‘friend’ and have the bestest of interests at heart.. but what would make ME So special to have a group that people would pay for? That’s a mighty fine line when it comes to Prince, and although some might be up for that challenge, no offense, no matter how much trust is placed, I’d rather get it straight from him– if for no other reason than he remains in control of his art and his likeness, to remove any possible situations. The word community was said last night, and it made me think of how communial it felt being apart of love4oneanother.com. There seemed to be lots of control, lots of poetry, lots of exchanges, lots of talk about how to better the areas we live in, lots of talk of charities, and what to bring to concerts. I still talk to some of the people I met there… magical times, good and bad, but it felt great going. EVEN IF it was 1998, and we were impressed with a dove flying out of a window graphic in the corner of the screen lol There were different ‘pages’ to that book, and you could chose to spend your energy looking through current events, or the poetry page, The Holy River, and when new music was coming out. I always said, if you could combine the technology of the npgmusicclub, with love4oneanother.com … you’d have a masterpiece. 🙂 I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t mind paying and signing up for that!!! I do think that prices should be affordable, and that there should be options for those who are willing to pay a little extra. I understand that there is always the capability of music being stolen and shared, no matter how its’ coded.. there’s some smart people out there.. but the same could have always happened with dubbing a cassette tape.. so chances have to be taken- want to be out a little bit, you’re gonna be out there.
    A celebration type event at Paisley would be insane.. and … *at a loss for words* If there is a package deal.. something with some boarding as well, for some of the po’ fans, like myself, it would be a little easier to make happen. I know the chanhassen Inn has theatre packages with the small theatre down the street, …. … just a thought. Transportation is always an issue for those that live far, we can’t pick up and go, especially when you have two retail jobs! lol So notice is great!!??!? just sayin!
    True be told though, if he went on tour, I get that it’s crazy expensive. All the costs of transporting Everyone, all the outfits, the stage, the cost of the stagehands, and etc.. it’s expensive. There isn’t one person I know who wouldn’t want to see Prince on a stage, with a mic and a guitar… doesn’t even have to be a fancy guitar. lol He’s got the talent obvoiusly to show up and play anywhere at anytime.. that’s not a question, so if ticket prices were reduced to cater to a less fancy show, we’d still show up. There’s this small 200 seat auditorium at the University near where I live, with the best accoustics imaginable… it’s a small stage, about the size of 1st Ave, and good God, it would be amazing if Prince played there. Not crazy swanky, but a place for good music. Music… the way it should be right? 🙂 In situations like that, how could a musician, with love for music not want to be in a situation like that? 🙂
    Andy Allo.. I have to admit, I didn’t like her voice or her style when she started. There were some spots in some songs that I really liked and said .. well maybe. But if she’s got the drive to learn, and develop, and the want to love music and recieve gifts that are given.. she just might be unstoppable. I’ve heard LongGone, and I was sold. Her vocal technique has changed, and it sounds very free.. beautiful 🙂 :):) I haven’t bought her cd… no actual real physical version was offered for awhile. I do not have an itunes account… never will. I want to hold a cd, or dvd, the way it was intended to be given by the artist. I guess a lot of us are kinda old school like that! Cd shops and record stores have closed down in my area,and it broke my heart to pieces. When a site emerges, I’ll purchase a copy or two from there 😉

    To Sum up: Build it, and we will come. 🙂 In a world that has been sunk by mp3s and stolen art.. build it, and we’ll come. Get on the Boat!?! i’d love to 🙂

  • Giovanni777
    Posted at 09:15h, 10 January

    Well put, Doc. I was a bit surprised at everyone on the Org for assuming there was going to be announcements, when it clearly stated that it would a discussion of what could be.

  • lomagurl
    Posted at 09:02h, 10 January

    give us what we need PRINCE.we’ve been by your side forever! give us a li’l something for us true ,loyal purple fans.it wouldn’t hurt to recruit new fans either.a youtube channel and a website that you control ,with input from us ,would be just the thing.

  • Le Cram
    Posted at 09:02h, 10 January

    I watched the spreecast. one thing i saw was very remarkable. Most of the time when Dr F spoke, the eyes of dr F was watching to the upper right.
    If you know something about non verbal communication, you know it means something like: i am making things up.

    If someone publishes content without permission of course there should be some kind of punishment, especially if it’s his own personnel. Naturally it should be a ridiculous unfair and unrealistic amount of money like 100’s of millions, but that seems normal in the USA.

    Instead of punishment and caring for the $$$, (most topics in this spreecast, but also a lot of interviews is all about $$$) Prince should give what his fans want like having fun sharing songs on youtube and other outlets.

    When an architect builds a building he get’s money for his work, but not every time someone uses that building. A plumber does not get extra money every time someone flushes the toilet. So why should an artist get endless money for what he created years ago? If you want earn some more, go back 2 work, and go on tour.

    As long as i don’t get what i want i see no reason to give what you want and i will not buy any new material, but instead use my legal right (it’s legal according the law in my country) to download music and movie material no matter what source.

  • Richard Littler
    Posted at 08:58h, 10 January

    I find his argument about ‘They can watch films at The Park’ quite frustrating regarding not releasing DVDs. I live in England so that ain’t gonna work for everyone!

  • Tim Borgqvist
    Posted at 08:55h, 10 January

    Tim Sweden here! 3rd Eye girl, hmm?? Who filmed it (Bambi) ??? I mean, it seems Prince is behind both leaking and stopping by Controversy Music, no??? I have basically 2000 songs from his vault, who leaded those over the years? I have sound board quality of all “7 nites alone with Prince” Xenophobia Paisley Park, and much more, why did Prince never release these himself? Anyhooo, I’d love a new web site for members. Platimnum, Gold, Silver for example – better tickets, V.I.P. access, like the boat in the Themes river thing 2007, etc. Member fee, 25 – 200 $ depending on service, V.I. P. class, etc. Members should get personal (honor NPG member number cards as a picture ID, to be admitted to sound checks like 2002, etc… PRINCE there is so much easy stuff you could do and you have all our e-mails already…. I’d pay and promote and fix all you want as I’ve already done since 1981…. I’m a true Funk soldier so let’s get it on. Auahhhh!

  • Kcool's Chocolate Box
    Posted at 08:53h, 10 January

    Thanx for the Spreecast. Its good 2 know Prince cares what his fans think.

    Now #1

    If 3rd Eye Girl was posting Princes “MasterPieces” without permission.Yes! she should pay the price 4 it. Its not fair 4 the artist that have spent hours creating it. Those r like his kids being taken away from him 2 b used in any way. Eye like the example of 3rd Eye Girl.It is a unique lesson 2 c his point of view & side of it. If Prince paid 2 employ the band & create his product. He should be paid when its distributed without his permission. Those r his blood,sweat & tears not ours.


    A site should be made where the fans can vote on the content then pay 4 what we want or vote on it. Eye would personally want 2 know where my hard earned money is going.to. Eye don’t want a middle man. If eye’m paying 4 exclusive Prince music,Videos,concert footage. Eye want the money 2 go directly 2 the artist or the fans like Dr. FnB that r organizing it. NPGMC was perfect. Eye felt like my money was going directly 2 the source.

    If 3rd Eye Girl was a band member. Maybe the band members should go through what the fans go through.b4 entering a venue 2 c Prince per4rm. No cell phones,cameras,recording devices allowed. Make them go through security checks like we do. Plus be watched 24/7 by body guards & security @ Paisley Park. lol


    Andy being the co producer made her product sound refreshed & free. U can tell she really took her time & put herself in2 it. With Prince’s guidance the trax sound clear & heartfelt. Not just a regular protege album. Listening 2 it made me feel like she owned it & eye felt what she was singing. Eye really njoyed it from start 2 finish. Looking 4ward to the deluxe version..lol


    Eye’m down 4 the Paisley Park late nite concert relaunched.But it should be made a simulcast also 4 peeps that aren’t able 2 attend. 4 of course the cover charge of $31.21 lol. 4 admittance & access viewing on a fan made site like Dr. FnB site.

    Eye njoyed being able 2 give my view on everything & looking 4ward 2 the forthcoming surprises that Prince has in store 4 us in two thousand thirteen.

    Thx 4 the shout out on the Spreecast Dr. FnB. Thanx 4 ur support of Prince over the years & hopefully many more..Peace & b wild

  • getwild319
    Posted at 08:45h, 10 January


    #1: pros and cons of “free” content
    Everything cannot be free. Some of the work has to be paid.
    But free music or videos can be offered to do a “viral” promotion… or just to please the fans from time to time.

    # 2. A discussion of a new web site
    I used to be a npgmc member and I liked this. Every month has its good surprises (i did not like everything but most of it)
    I did not buy a lotusflower subscription and i dont regret it… this looked like a bad online experience…
    If good music/videos is done by Prince or other musicians, fans using facebook, twitter (or other social network) should be able to share it (teasers or full songs) to spread the good sounds.
    In my own experience, I discovered good music by getting interested with musicians playing with Prince and by reading revienws from fans on Prince forums (about artists having no Prince connection)
    So a new website should give us the possibility to get access to old/new/studio/live material by paying some fee (annual fee + pay per song/album/live)
    A way to share with our friends on social networks.
    The vote could be on the monthly released material… the most popular one could be freely accessible for a while after the vote.

    # 3. IF “3rd Eye Girl” turns out to be a band member
    Prince & NPG staff should question the 3rd Eyed girl to know why she did this…
    making money? getting famous? or just revealed good sounds some people want to listen?

    Fans did purchase bootlegs in the past… probably less now as we can find free stuff on internet (so why giving money to bootlegers?). I’m one of them.
    I’m a fan partialy because I did access to unofficial stuff (mostly because I went to see him live… and because i could listen to concerts I couldnt go)
    Am I ready to pay for official bootlegs, I say yes as long as if I’m free to use the music/video anywhere on any devices. no DRM. and if possible on a CD format (like Ani DiFranco do)

    Will I download this stuff for free if it is sold on a website but accessible by a torrent? no. I will pay for what I want to listen and support.

    # 4. What do you guys think of “Superconductor”?
    I did listen to it online on deezer website. Not a huge fan but some songs are good. I’m thinking about buying it as a CD… but note sure yet.

    #5. Paisley Park
    Will I go to Paysley Park?… I wish but living abroad with a family, it cant be done so easily… So I wouldnt mind a European tour or building european Paisley park 🙂
    I wish I could have done the celebration back in the days… but I was too young or moneyless.
    If Prince and the NPG do regular shows, it should not be too expensive… we could pay for an internet broadcast and maybe buy the live dvd afterwards.
    Paisley Park should be used to promote other artist as well. I’m thinking again on how Ani DiFranco did her record label and renovated a building in Buffalo promoting other artits.

    I hope it is enough food for thougths.


  • Yggor
    Posted at 08:45h, 10 January

    Topic #2: I think it is safe to say that EVERYBODY will expect a new website – actually just “a website” with all the basic information on Prince, tour dates! and an online store where you can buy his music – both in digital and physical formats as well as additional merchandise etc. With optional membership (for let’s say 31,21 a year) that would give access to ticket presales, maybe rehearsals as was it with NPGMC. I am sure a lot of people will buy physical copies just in order to have it – I think Prince’s fans admire music and prefer physical copier over digital. I hate it that I can’t access a lot of Prince’s back catalogue even from the last decade because it was released only in several countries. How can we hear this music?? I’d love to have a chance to buy One Nite Alone or Crystal Ball or even 20Ten and I would surely buy them. But I can’t!

    Plus I don’t understand promoting on Jimmy Kimmel Live a single you can’t buy?

    Topic #5: I won’t travel to Paisley Park as I’m in Europe and can’t really afford it. And one more thing – why can’t Prince announce shows EARLIER?? It is January and I already know about summer shows from Springsteen, Waters, even Peter Gabriel dates in October. That makes it possible for me to organise my time and have a chance to see them. With Prince you never know and honestly it’s just not cool…

    And please release a proper live CD/DVD/BR. Not everyone can travel to see Prince live, why don’t we have w chance to see his concert at home whenever we want to?

  • shridevi
    Posted at 08:40h, 10 January

    Loved the new “leaked” tracks. Sorry for Prince if they were uploaded without his permission and knowledge. I would gladly pay a membership fee of around $25 to get music directly from Prince online. I was sad when his site closed years ago. We “die heart” fans “need” to feel connected to the source! As for “punishment” for uploading, that is decision needs to be made by Prince himself. Peace Love and Music.

  • douglas
    Posted at 08:24h, 10 January

    Doc thanks for all the info last night. $200 for the PPark Shows would be fair. I mean, he does have a big band now. Would be great to have a new website run by fans as well. That way Prince could just be free to give us goodies whenever he wanted to. Let me know if you need some help with that. Also, whoever leaked the stuff should pay – for sure. It did make for some interesting news though.

  • lisa
    Posted at 08:20h, 10 January

    i love the idea of a new website and would gladly join and pay whatever membership fee. i felt so connected then. i feel connected through you, dr fb, and i thank God for that. i am so happy to hear things being discussed. i am all for anything and everything prince! prince, if you read this, the world needs your music. your positivity and spirituality will and have made the world a better place. i love you and am so thankful.

  • Fredmagnus
    Posted at 07:48h, 10 January

    Yes, i agree. Letting fans vote for the songs (from the vault) that they want to download is a great idea. Just like it was intended at the celebration in PP in 1999 for the never released “Crystall Ball 2”.

    Of course, we would have to pay to access the website and then we could choose to download the songs we need by paying a small price for each download.

  • Curious
    Posted at 07:25h, 10 January

    Just to add, I think it is a good idea for the fans to have a website and vote on what songs they would purchase. This way, there is no one to blame but the fans for the choices they request.

    For a price to enter PP for late night parties, which will probably be more or less younger fans, if it is weekly, then $15.00 – or if the parties are monthly then $25.00

    For a website membership fee, if one is created – $25.00 annually, which is affordable. The other money will go to the NPG by the purchases of music material fby the fans.

  • Curious
    Posted at 07:20h, 10 January

    If 3rd eye was a band member or technician, then they should have obtained permission from Prince, to see if it was ok to post the material. I think when he gets new band members they should be told what is not to be shared without permission. They should check with their boss first before just posting music they worked on with him without permission. Secondly, anyone who works for him should sign a confidentiality contract, even though it’s known that most do this with him. When people who work for him, steal music from his studio and take the liberty of sharing it with the public, without his permission, that defies trust, and they should be told from the beginning, that if they get caught doing something like that, then chances are they will be fired or given a fine to pay, either one, depending on how long their business relationship is with him. Prince also has to remember that younger artists he works with may not know how protective he is about his music material. So if he sends them a disc to practice or add input too, they should agree not to share it with anyone without his permission first. That;’s all I got.

  • calhounsquare
    Posted at 07:19h, 10 January

    I think we can treat CDs and DVDs differently. It is always nice to have extensive liner notes on CD booklets, and i think that dematerialized music lacks this. So getting physical CDs will always be a plus. Look at Andy Allo’s recent release : a lot of fans were asking for a physical CD (but we had only a digital booklet lol).

    About DVDs – i think they are not valuable anymore. They are technically obsolete. I think it would be much better to have a proper HD-quality release on Youtube or similar platform. And if we want to avoid piracy it could be on a online streaming website or kind of VOD / pay-per-view channel with restrictions to members only or something like that.

  • Eicei
    Posted at 07:16h, 10 January

    So… 2013.

    A new website… The NPGMC was very good and new music was released at steady intervals. To set something up like Euan H mentioned of the entire back catalogue being remastered would take ages. And some of those songs wouldn’t get past Prince’s religious standpoint.
    Paisley Park shows are all well and good for those who live near Minneapolis. Release them as video and audio shows on the new website with the possibility of downloading them. That’s what I’d like to see. Plus old shows – Montreux, Coachella etc. Decent 1st hand soundboard recordings made available for all to buy/download – much like Pearl Jam and other shave done over the years.
    A new CD. Yes please. If the 20 sec clip of screwdriver is anything to go by, release it! Either have a subscription site (although this would be a barrier for casual fans/new listeners) or a free to enter site with downloads etc for sale. Either way, the band get paid… I don’t think we the fans should decide on disciplinary action for the leakages. The more leakages the better in my view.

    I saw an interview with Prince a few years ago where he said he’d prefer to be a troubadour playing to small audiences. There are financial and time constraints to this, but why not? Play gigs in smaller venues – priority tickets are good until they are only for the worst seats in the house – O2 anyone? – but give local fans 1st go at buying tickets. It might mean a long time on the road, but what else has he got to do? ;0)

    I haven’t heard Superconductor. I don’t like Andy. Her sole purpose at the gigs I’ve been to has been to look pretty and draw sketches of Prince. Another of those for the eye not the ear Prince artists. Sorry.

    I’m looking forward to what Prince has ready for us but hope it’s not Lotusflower mk.2.

    Happy 2013 to you all.

  • Fredmagnus
    Posted at 07:07h, 10 January

    First Thanks for this interesting message and thank you for giving the fans the ability to let Prince know what they would like to hear in the near future.

    Topic # 2 : a new website would be a great idea. Such a legendary artist should have a great website to promote his work.

    We should have to pay to access exclusive content. What fans want is new songs to download as well as old material from the vault (somebody said “Cosmic Day” ??).

    In addition, we still need to buy CDs and DVDs to have physical contents. Prince has so much materiel in his vault that he could do both easily. The more material he releases the more money he makes.

    Thanks for reading my 2 cents.

  • Richard Littler
    Posted at 07:03h, 10 January

    As cool as this discussion sounds, all I’m hearing is talk related to money. Piracy is a problem, but I have no answer as to how Prince can stop his work from being ‘stolen’.

    I remember way back when in 1995 (when I first became a big fan of Prince) he talked a lot about ‘Free Music’ and giving it away. Obviously times have changed as has his opinion, but the kind of stuff he was talking about in the mid-90s (giving out samplers, including albums in concert ticket prices, web etc) was exciting and seemed simple and quick.

    I feel now that he is footing the bill rather than Warner Brothers his main concern is the business/financial aspect rather than the creative.

    His lack of contact with his fans and some-what fragile relationship with them has changed things. The Lotusflow3r site was a major let down on all levels. I basically paid a lot of money for a t-shirt whereas I hoped I was going to get regular new music, exclusive videos (3121 Movie anyone?) etc but it didn’t come off which now means I am very cautious when the words ‘Prince’ and ‘Website’ are thrown about.

    When it comes to the ‘3rdEyeGirl’ saga, I downloaded the tracks as mp4 files and put them into my iPod. This is the only way I will get to listen to these songs. Had they been put on sale, I would have paid but I didn’t have that option. I feel if Prince was more willing to give people what they want (ie new music, vault items, videos etc) he would realise most of his fans would pay for them if they were guaranteed to get them.

    My thoughts.

  • Merry G
    Posted at 06:54h, 10 January

    First if all, THANK YOU for the speedcast. Fans are so hungry any forum to discuss Prince helps calm out addiction. Unfortunately iPhone & iPad users were unable to access the speedcast.

    Topic #1 & 3 I agree bills need to be paid. I do not know of one fan who whole not pay full retail price and then some for official releases, especially of his concerts. I, and I believe most Prince fans, prefer a physical cd/DVD with whatever artwork and comments by Prince & NPG that could go along with it, rather than giving our $$$ to a person who is selling an illegal copy of a concert. But if Prince won’t RELEASE IT we are not given that option. I find it hard to believe that the overwhelming amount of boots out there, much of which was recorded in his own studio in Paisly Park was released by some random person without Prince’s knowledge.

    I heard someone say last night that Prince will not release his live shows – if he did give access at PP you still could not purchase a CD or DVD. Prince needs to know that he has many fans who have never been able to see him in concert either because of where they live or because it is a financial burden….not everyone can afford a $200 single ticket price plus the cost to get to the venue. Giving access only at Paisly Park not only ostrisies current fans, it eliminates the possibility of recruiting new fans. Any of us who have been afforded the opportunity to see Prince in concert knows how special that is and how his live performances trumps any prerecorded track.

    I love your suggestion in topic #2 I’m on board for that!

    Topic #3 – I don’t understand why 3rd eye girl was targeted when there are NUMEROUS people on FB claiming to B Prince, posting past videos & photos of “themselves” INCLUDING CLAIMING TO HAVE A BABY named Indigo!!?? Why is that ok but what 3rd eye did not? That is why so many of us think this was a PR thing Prince was in on….bringing attention to something old, something new, something revamped but not 4U!

    Topic #4 – nice to know Andy had a lot of control on Superconductor – I think she outshines most of the current artists of today. you go girl!

    Finally, if Prince does another tour please allow a simulcast on Pay -Per-View or in movie theaters. The Metropolitan Opera does it…Broadway too. C’mon Prince PLEASE!!!!

  • Euan H
    Posted at 06:46h, 10 January

    Also, as a couple other people have said.. TOUR. Paisley Park shows are cool, but I’m 21 and live in the UK, so those Paisley shows are only gonna reach a few people.

    If he really wants to make 2013 a “big year”, he should do a “Welcome 2 The World” tour or something. It doesn’t have to have hundreds of dates, just some major cities around the world. A celebration of his music and career, past, present and future. Maybe play some festivals? I know he won’t, and especially this year, but imagine Prince headlining Glastonbury? How awesome would that be?!

    Do some press. Release a proper album, and promote it properly. Get people interested in not just his old hits, but anything he might release in the future.

  • Euan H
    Posted at 06:40h, 10 January

    Here’s what I think he should do:

    Launch a new website, make all of his music (with remasters) available for download from the new website. He doesn’t have to go through any 3rd parties like iTunes and Spotify, he can sell it directly to the fans. “Entire remastered Prince back-catalogue available for digital download from new Prince site” – THAT would make the news.

    He can link Prince.org to his site as the official forum.

    He hates people like ticketmaster, as we know, so he could sell tickets directly to the fans through the website.

    There doesn’t HAVE to be any kind of subscription, but lets say you CAN subscribe/become a member, and if you do, you’ll get early access to tickets, merch, music etc. Old subscribers to the NPG Music Club would automatically be members.

    He needs to launch an official YouTube channel, since YouTube is one of the top music platforms in the world. At least officially release all of his existing music videos onto his YouTube channel, maybe some live footage, previews from movies (DVDs available from his website? SOTT, etc?)

    This is a stretch for Prince, but maybe at some point in the future, launch an official App. Apps are the future of music and marketing, so he could get in early on the game.. since everyone has smartphones/tablets nowadays, as well as being able to access his website, he should launch an App where you can get the latest news and updates, music, tickets etc? Maybe a streaming service for members? Stream all of his back catalogue to their device without having to actually have the files, like Spotify does.

    All of this is so easy to do nowadays, and they’re just a few ways of making Prince culturally relevant again.. at the moment, only die-hard Prince fans care that Prince might be making new music, he needs to get the world interested.

  • Funkentelechy
    Posted at 06:36h, 10 January

    Definitely i agree with calhounsquare concerning the Paisley topic…
    i wasn’t able to attend previous celebrations, but if this year we have time 2 make plans, i’m definitely going 4 good
    last year i ended up going to brazil to see a P gig canceled only 3 days b4…
    2013 has 2 b a code 2 wipe out unFunkiness
    if we all get it clear, it’s gonna b THE celebration

  • Maurice
    Posted at 06:25h, 10 January

    Topic #1 I Would pay for content if its true music. I think its from the Prince camp also.
    I also prefer a paid website and i hope there’s coming one like the famous NPGMC which i was a member 🙂
    I Agree with Laurent on the account of touring. I live in Europe and there’s no chance to travel to Paisley Park 🙁

  • calhounsquare
    Posted at 06:20h, 10 January

    Thanks Doc for clarifying things. But come on, we all know that 3rdEyeGirl is from Prince’s camp right? Of course we can all play the game and make believe everyone that she posted content without permission.

    About topic #2, not sure to understand properly, but fans could not make their own NPGMC because it would lack content from the man himself. We want Prince to own and rule the new NPGMC, not the fans.

    Topic #5 Paisley Park : as i stated in a comment on your Facebook page, i think the best would be a 2013 Celebration much like it happened in early 2000’s. Please think about fans from abroad who need to get organized, save money, take leave days from work, etc… we can’t do this for late-minute surprise gigs on the next weekend. That said, the price ticket for the Celebration should be reasonable as for many of us, the amount of such a trip is already very important.

    Happy new year !


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