Reminder: Prince. Sunday. The Grammys + “Screwdriver” Live

PRINCE Photo: NPG Records 2013

We are reminding you that the one and funky PRINCE will be on the Grammys this Sunday. He is scheduled right now to present.

Also on Sunday, "Screwdriver" live will debut on 2013Prince.com, here, and EVERYWHERE!!!!

2013! We are just getting started!-DocFB

Diagnosis: What will PRINCE wear? Hmmm

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Comments (17)
  1. it was not him !!!!! soorry

  2. Live as in performing live and streaming or a live version of Screwdriver?


  3. Solomon? and 🙁

  4. If Prince’s ‘private joy’ in amusing himself, and leaving admirers wanting, is enough to sate himself…most of us will get nothing; or very close to nothing. Prince will do what Prince wants to do, and people and history will draw their own conclusions; if they ever consider Prince at all……

  5. I’m still being HOPEFUL! If you watch the ” snippet” of a video that’s on
    PRINCE2013.COM website ( that directs you to YouTube , it shows Donna Grantis, & I am supposing that it’s PRINCE himself playing the funky guitar of his in the background )
    Anyway…. It STATES ….SCREWDRIVER ‘LIVE’ on February 10th!
    Where, pray tell is Prince going to BE “LIVE” on THAT particular date ??????
    Hmmmm …… THE GRAMMY’S!!!!!
    Call me an optimist if you will ……. I CAN DREAM CAN I NOT???????
    Love & Peace to All <3<3<3
    ~Lavender Lady~Anita

  6. Kiitos 🙂 Anything else he can wear but the assless pants or mankini 😛

  7. 20pr1nc3 … 2013Prince … Prince2013 , … jeeeez …


  8. Looking forward to seeing my hometown girl Donna Grantis performing with Prince!

  9. Saw LL Cool J on The View this morning talking about the Grammy’s and he mentioned Prince as a “presenter”

  10. Prince, I am thinking I will be ready to go sometime next week after the 12th of February!!! I love U oxoxoxo

  11. prince is looking gorgeous. beautiful jacket. i love the look. it reminds me of the pics he took around 1999 when he had the long hair, eyebrows arched up & had a naughty, sexy look. it doesn’t get any better.

  12. Lefty loosey . . . righty tighty!

  13. I see why Mayte kept the China ……..Good Lawd! Now he is a sexy MF! Imma need to holla at him and talk some sense into him! Mannnnn…..do he realize how sexy is?! You sexy, fine MF ! Yeah I said ot! LOL!

  14. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  15. The website is Prince2013.com NOT 2013Prince.com

  16. Its going 2 b a purple nite…….

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