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It is here! “SCREWDRIVER LIVE” film by PRINCE. You can purchase the video for download for $1.77 at & 3RDEYEGIRL.COM

The video was shot at Paisley Park.

How many of U can do “The Screwdriver”….?

Diagnosis:  Until the day that we do……



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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:53h, 11 February

    I always love your comments Myles Matisse. I dig your honesty. So many Prince fans are so afraid to be honest or are either the ones who run after anything that man craps out. Prince is a rocking musician. No arguing that, but he’s human. Not everything he touches turns to gold. I hope he was taking notes on Justins new sounds. Now that’s something Prince should of been up there doing to make the girls scream. Not this screwdriver mess. The best part of the video is only his playing. I love seeing that man jam, but as for the song itself, including the lyrics. 2 Thumbs down.

  • teiemka
    Posted at 13:58h, 11 February

    Super happy that Screwdriver live was made available, bought it, converted to audio, and edited from the door closing scene, 5:50 of uninterrupted raw guitars . Couldn’t care less for the video.

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 13:40h, 11 February

    Watching the video again, I think it would’ve benefitted by a storyline as well as shot in vibrant color. A cool storyline idea using all the same actors as well as an added gorgeous woman and a Jerome Benton sidekick would’ve been…

    The video opens with a black car pulling up to a club. Prince and his band (Hannah, Donna and Ida) along with a Jerome Benton sidekick/assistant get out and go into the club. It’s full of people. There’s a stage with instruments. Looks like a band just played. The room seems lacking in energy with stale music being played by a DJ in the corner. Everyone’s standing on the dance floor in front of the stage, talking, drinking and hanging out. Prince spots a beautiful woman talking with her girlfriend and TAKES OFF HIS OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES. She looks at him. He nods in approval and smiles. She smiles and looks away, shyly. Prince tells his band about her. They smile, whisper among themselves and leave Prince’s side to go talk to her but are stopped by three guys on the prowl (use the 3 guys used in Prince’s Screwdriver video). There’s a back and forth between the 3 ladies and 3 guys. Funny. NOT the cheesy poem Hannah supposedly wrote in the opening of the Screwdriver video). As they go back and forth, Prince keeps looking at the beautiful woman who, while talking with her girlfriend, keeps looking back at Prince. They’re teasing each other with their eyes. His Jerome Benton type sidekick sees what’s happening and whispers in Prince’s ear. Prince calls the girls back over. Motions to the stage. They all go up. The sidekick whispers in a stage hand’s ear who nods, looks over to the DJ, who stops the music. Prince and band launch into the song, Screwdriver. It gets everyone’s attention in the club, especially the beautiful woman Prince has been eyeing. He sings the song directly to her. As Prince and band play, the sidekick goes into the dance floor and starts doing the Screwdriver dance. Everyone watches. Some laugh. Others whisper to each other and point. One by one though, everyone on the floor starts doing the Screwdriver dance (use group of people in original Screwdriver video). While Prince and band continue, the entire club erupts with energy and the Screwdriver dance. As Prince sings to the woman, she sees how the club is dancing and how Prince turned the club around from a stale place into one of energy and action and she laughs with approval. Prince has won her over. At the end of the song, Prince throws down his guitar, puts his sunglasses back on, jumps off the stage and goes up to the beautiful woman. The crowd applauds and the DJ launches back into music. This time, everyone is dancing. As Prince and the woman look at each other, she reaches up gently and takes off his sunglasses to see the windows to his soul. Prince smiles. She smiles. Seduction 101. Fade out.

    Such a simple idea but would’ve made for a more lively, meaningful and cool video. Wish I had been in charge of the concept. I woulda used the same location. Just dressed it up differently to look like a club, using all the same cast, except for the addition of the beautiful woman, a DJ and Jerome Benton type sidekick. Instead, we got a video, which while okay seems really random, with all the people coming out of nowhere and dancing and the silly intro scene between the female band and the guy band. And, to be honest, I didn’t like the angles used in capturing Prince and band doing their song. I would’ve gotten a better angle of Prince to showcase him better AND his entire band in the process. Wonder who directed it? Prince? And, did HE come up with the concept? Seems thrown together. He really needs more outside people to come up with concepts, direct his projects and since he’s always looking forward musically, have someone go into his vault and package and release all his older films (Beautiful Experience, Love 4 One Another, Parade, Lovesexy Live, Sign O’ The Times, Sacrifice of Victor, etc,) as well as ALL his music videos. Nuff said.

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 12:59h, 11 February

    I bought the video and enjoyed it to a point. However, a few things. Why was the video shot in black and white? Where did all the dancers come from as they seem to appear out of nowhere and didn’t really have a purpose other than to show off the dance. In the storyline of the video, it was very random. Also, what was the point of the opening dialogue between the Donna, Hannah and Ida and the boyz other than to try and be funny?

    If I had been the one giving ideas to the video, I would’ve had the video be in vibrant color. Also, I would’ve written a storyline, maybe like there’s a club party where there’s a bunch of people dancing. Make Prince the star who arrives with the three ladies in his band as well as another guy, maybe a Jerome Benton kind of sidekick. In the club, Prince looks around at all the boredom in the club and eyes a beautiful woman. He tells Ida, Hannah and Donna who take it upon themselves to go over to the woman, only to be stopped by 3 guys on the prowl (use the three guys from the beginning of the Screwdriver video). Have a back and forth between them and not the silly poem that Hannah wrote. They don’t get to the woman Prince has eyes on because Prince calls them back over and motions to the stage where instruments are set up. He wants to liven this stale crowd and get the woman’s attention the best way he knows how…through music. They go up, whisper in a stage hand’s ear who motions to the DJ to stop the music. Prince and band launch into Screwdriver, getting everyone’s attention. Prince sings the song to the beautiful woman he spotted, getting her attention and keeping it. The Jerome Benton sidekick goes on the dance floor as Prince and band play and starts doing the Screwdriver dance. One by one the entire floor of people start doing the dance, turning the club into one giant rock and roll flash mob, so to speak, all doing the Screwdriver dance. At the end, Prince throws down his guitar, jumps off the stage and goes up to the beautiful woman he sang to. They get close, staring into each other’s eyes. Fade to black.

    Now, wasn’t THAT a better overall concept? And, it could’ve been done on the cheap, like the Screwdriver video that was made. Use the same dancers, the same three guys in the beginning, make it a club setting, get a Jerome Benton type sidekick and a beautiful woman, change it to color and presto, you’ve got a kick ass video where everything has a reason for happening.

  • CJ
    Posted at 11:52h, 11 February

    Check your email… that’s how I got mine. You can right click and save the target as and open it with anything that play an .mp4

  • Jochem3121
    Posted at 11:47h, 11 February

    I’m sorry to say this, but I didn’t buy it. I saw the video and thought it was awful.
    The performance was good and I’m looking forward to seeing Screwdriver live in concert.

    I skipped this one, but better luck next time hopefully! 🙂

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