Mysterious Allie X Releases Cover For COLLXTION I; Video For “Catch”

Allie X Album Cover

The enigmatic artist Allie X has announced details of her much anticipated debut release. CollXtion I will arrive April 7, 2015, just over a year after Allie X first appeared online.

“I am very pleased to announce CollXtion I, and hopefully answer some questions you and I both have. As you collect the pieces of CollXtion I, I hope you will feel comfortable to adopt X into your own life.”

CollXtion I is a full multimedia Xperience centered around seven songs. It is the first in a series of CollXtions to be issued in the coming months.  CollXtion I will allow participants to gather songs, videos, digital installations, and other media that begin to fashion the world of a protagonist known as “X.”  Designed as both a multimedia, narrative and collaborative experience, CollXtion I will be accompanied by a variety of features, including X’s notorious spinning GIFs, some of the raw components used by X to create her striking work such as song stems and photo layers, and a comic which will reveal the first chapter in the Story of X. Items will be released gradually to allow participants to “collect” the ever-growing CollXtion. Fans are encouraged to become participants in X’s world by using these elements to make their own “Xart,” which will then be featured in X’s “Xhibit” digital gallery HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Toronto-born X has developed a distinctive amalgam of electro,  detuned, dreampop, all built around her provocative songcraft and wholly original persona. Now based in Los Angeles, X first unleashed “CATCH” upon an unsuspecting SoundCloud in early 2014 and almost immediately found a fervent online fan following. Among their numbers was Katy Perry, who described herself as “obsessed” with the track in a tweet to her 51+ million Twitter followers. 

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