Paula Abdul Back In Negotiations With American Idol

Paula Abdul. File Photo
Paula Abdul. File Photo

Paula Abdul. File Photo

Paula Abdul has passed on "Dancing With The Stars" and has restarted talks with Fox to return to American Idol.

Paula's asking price? $10 million per year. We will see if she signs for less and if she does, look for fans to still take her side as it is a win-win situation for Paula; she gets paid and still gets the sympathy of the loyal American Idol viewers.

I think the producers under-valued Paula to the public and there has been an outcry that will mess up the chemistry of the show.

Time will tell if things get done this time. If not, expect more celeb judges to take her place at auditions.-Dr.FB

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  1. After all the hoopla about Paula, they’ll give her the 10 Mil, just like the Vikes are gonna give Farve what he wants!

  2. All part of the hype, and they will drag it out for as long as possible. Of course she’ll sign.

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