The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Cover “22” By Taylor Swift!

Miami Dolphine Cheerleaders Photo: CapitalFM.com

Are you ready for some Football? With the season 60+ days away, I sure am!

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders released a version of them covering "22" by Taylor Swift in their bikinis!

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Busted! Tim Tebow’s “Controversial” Jesus GQ Photo Is Years Old!

It really is amazing how much controversy Tim Tebow stirs up when it comes to his religious beliefs. Add a shirtless photo of him with arms extended and legs crossed, and now people think he believes he is Jesus. That is exactly what has happened in the new issue of GQ Magazine's Football issue.

The interesting thing is, the photo above is NOT new. It is actually a photo that GQ used before and it is when Tebow was a Florida Gator.

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David Beckham: “Stripping Down Has Gotten Easier”

David Beckham Photo: Josh Olins for British Esquire

David Beckham will be on the cover of the new British Esquire and he talks about how he wants to be remembered and what its like to strip down for photo-shoots.

It seems it has been easier for him over the years;

"It’s definitely got easier over the years, but when I was in New York, seeing a huge poster [of himself in a pair of briefs] on the side of a building, that was quite daunting. I remember driving past there, and stopping and running out and taking a picture, and this guy walked past me and he was like, 'Oh, my God! Have you seen your d**k up there?' Something disgusting like that. That was funny."

He also talked about how he wants to remembered;

"Just as a hard-working footballer. I want to be remembered firstly as a good and successful footballer because that’s what I’ve done for many years. And then who knows after that?"

Despite what people think, he has been true to himself;

"What you see, that’s me. And that won’t change. I might not walk around in just my underwear every day, but that’s the only thing [that is different about the private man]. I don’t try and hide anything. There’s nothing to hide."

How will you remember David Beckham?-DocFB


Are You Ready For Some Football? (Finally!)

NFL Logo

NFL Logo

Yes.  Yes.  Yes!  The NFL is back baby!  The players and owners agreed to end the lockout on Monday and the season will start on time.  It is going to be a chaotic week for the NFL with the opening of training camps, trades, and free agent signings.

I was getting scared for a moment.  The NBA is still in lockout mode and if the NBA and NFL season was not going to happen, it would be tragic.  Tragic I tell ya. 

Opening weekend will be on September 11th, the anniversary of 9/11 ten years ago.  The New York Jets will host the Dallas Cowboys that night at the Meadowlands in New York.  The Green Bay Packers will celebrate their championship September 8th against the New Orleans Saints.

Less than 2 months til football season...and married women become widows for a few months.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Finally!!!!!!!  Seriously.....


50 Cent Loses Some Serious Weight

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com
50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

OK, I know the value of money is dropping in the United States, but did 50 Cent think he had to drop weight to be up to date with it's currency?

Not only did 50 Cent drop a little over 50 pounds for a movie role, he had all his tattoo's removed. 

He is really taking his acting career seriously.  Curtis Jackson (50's real name) is set to star in "Things Fall Apart" about a football player that gets cancer.  Football movies almost always do well at the box office and these 2 photos of 50 are huge promotion for the movie already.

He did an all liquid diet along with a 3 hour a day workout on his treadmill.  Wonder if he was drinking Vitamin Water?

What do you think of 50's weight loss transformation?