In The Mix! Adam Lambert DJ’s On Ellen! Set To Return!

Adam Lambert was a guest DJ on Ellen a couple of days ago. Adam said he had been working on a DJ skills and showed his costumes for Halloween. Adam also sang some interesting headline Craiglist ads which were crazy funny! Adam also talked about being single much to Ellen’s surprise. A shout out to […]

A Halloween Treat! A House That Party Rocks Like LMFAO

Although I think this is kind of cool, the neighbors would be pissed if the house was playing “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO all the time. Although people are arguing on Youtube, this house doesn’t exactly really exist…or else someone is mixing quite a lot of songs with the images of the house and recording […]

Nikka Costa Gives Us A “Paranoid” Treat For Halloween!

With Halloween just a week away, Nikka Costa covered “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath as a treat for us. Unfortunately for Nikka, someone decided to play a trick on her and all of her Halloween decorations were ripped off the outside of her house.  So not cool. Nikka decided to reflect on her 3 shows she […]

Justin Bieber Releases Christmas Video For “Mistletoe” Watch Now!

Here is “Mistletoe” the latest from Justin Bieber and from his Christmas Album due out in November. “Mistletoe” is an original Christmas song by Justin.  It features someone else other than Selena Gomez in the video.  Selena is Justin’s girlfriend we sure he wants under the mistletoe this year. Shaking my head.  Justin releasing a […]

David Spade Dresses Up As Sue Sylvester For Halloween

David Spade. Photo: FlynetOnline.com

5 years ago, David Spade would still be dressing up as Ellen DeGeneres.  This time, he dressed up as Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch’s character from “Glee” the Fox hit show.  This was for Kate Hudson’s Halloween party.  We wonder if David went out n bought the track suit outfit or if he already had it […]