Shhh! Lada Gaga Goes Silent….

Lady Gaga’s interview with Oprah aired last night and in the interview, Gaga says she is not going to be doing interviews or talk with the media for a “very, very long time” and….we still don’t believe her. With an upcoming tour and an album that still is not selling as well as “The Fame […]

New Video By Kelly Clarkson “Mr. Know It All” Takes On The Media

“Why is Kelly single?”  “Kelly Clarkson is fat.”  “Kelly forgets old friends”  “Kelly endorses smoking” are all actual headlines about Kelly Clarkson in the past few years. How many are really true?  How many really hurt Kelly.  Do we really know it all?  “Mr. Know It All” the new single by Kelly Clarkson tackles all […]

Dr.Funkenberry Facebook Fan Page

Dr.Funkenberry now has a Facebook fan page where we will drop news or info sometimes before it hits or we will post some exclusive info there only. I also have posted exclusive content we were given by Prince, Nick Jonas, Morrissey, Lily Allen, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and will be […]

UPDATE!!!Octuplet’s Mother Grants First Interview As Media Caves In

Wow.  the media is surprising me. The octuplets mother who already has six kids, none older than 6, wanted 2 million to tell her story. She even hired a publicist and an agent. I think she was expecting free pampers too. The media passed on the 2 million although the story is headlining everywhere. NBC […]