Adam Lambert Performs “Never Close Our Eyes” & “Naked Love” On Kimmel! Watch Now!

Adam Lambert performed "Never Close Our Eyes" & "Naked Love" from his new CD "Trespassing" due for release on May 15th, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The mini concert was recorded live outside of Kimmel at the Hollywood in the parking lot across the street from Hollywood & Highland. It was right across the street to the theatre formerly known as Kodak to where Adam became an American Idol just a few years ago.

"Naked Love" features a lyric from Crystal Waters 90's hit "100 Percent Pure Love" and we approve!

What do you guys think of Adam's performance?-DocFB


Listen Now To 4 New Songs From Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” CD!!

Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com
Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com

Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com

Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" CD is due for release for late Spring, and from the 4 sample tracks we just heard, our prediction of this being one of the hottest CD releases of the year is dead on.

Just when we thought the male pop star is dead, Adam Lambert proves us wrong.  "Cuckoo", "Trespassing", "Naked Love", and "Never Close Our Eyes" are pop hits waiting to happen.  "Cuckoo" needs to be the next single; stat!