Adam Lambert Performs “Never Close Our Eyes” & “Naked Love” On Kimmel! Watch Now!

Adam Lambert performed "Never Close Our Eyes" & "Naked Love" from his new CD "Trespassing" due for release on May 15th, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The mini concert was recorded live outside of Kimmel at the Hollywood in the parking lot across the street from Hollywood & Highland. It was right across the street to the theatre formerly known as Kodak to where Adam became an American Idol just a few years ago.

"Naked Love" features a lyric from Crystal Waters 90's hit "100 Percent Pure Love" and we approve!

What do you guys think of Adam's performance?-DocFB

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  1. Adam Lambert and Queen were the only night selling at Sonisphere Festival. Adam is an AMAZING vocalist and entertainer. Give me MORE. I LOVE Adam Lambert!

  2. the most amazing vocals and stage presence, no one can come close to his ability, kinda easy on the eyes, too…can’t wait for May 15

  3. One of the finest live performers in the world – and with an incredible voice. (And stop lying, Gigondas, that’s not what happened. Queen has now scheduled two concerts in the U.K. with Lambert – both sold out.)

  4. Better than ever; can’t wait for his album.

  5. Adam didn’t cause the festival to cancellled ALL of the Sonicsphere festivals were cancelled in Europe bacause of problems with the promoter. Adam and Queen have rescheduled their concerts and are SOLD OUT!

  6. Omg, it just doesn’t get any better than Adam Lambert. Wow!

  7. Do people actually like this Lambert bloke? We’re not into him in the UK at all in-fact he caused a big festival to be cancelled because he was headlining with queen. He sucks! Stop posting about him!

  8. Loved it! Can’t wait for more! Want Shady NOW 🙂

  9. Next Big Fat Thing

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