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Mumbai Update: Headed Back Home

Manuela Testolini as well as dozens of other hostages of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai earlier this week are on a plane right now headed out of there. Stop terrorism now!-Dr.FB

It’s Black Friday!

Well, Black Friday is here.  Being under the weather with some sort of illness the other doctors cannot figure out, I will be out of action to attend black friday, even if I wanted to.  All the excess money I have made since the site’s inception has went back into the site so that is […]

Jonas Brothers Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show

What did you think? Big stadiums usually have pitch problems.  I think that was the biggest crowd they ever played for, so will give them a pass. I was more impressed with Demi Lovato’s National Anthem at the start of the game. -Dr.FB

Demi Lovato Performs National Anthem At Dallas Cowboys Game

She did a good job.  The Cowboy fans were very loud for her in a positive way.  Will they be that way for the Jonas Brothers at half-time? Right now, my thoughts are with all in India right now, but going to watch the game.  Very sad situation.-Dr.FB