Mumbai Update: Headed Back Home

Manuela Testolini as well as dozens of other hostages of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai earlier this week are on a plane right now headed out of there.

Stop terrorism now!-Dr.FB


It’s Black Friday!

Well, Black Friday is here.  Being under the weather with some sort of illness the other doctors cannot figure out, I will be out of action to attend black friday, even if I wanted to.  All the excess money I have made since the site's inception has went back into the site so that is what it would go into.

I have been hearing it is going to be the worst holiday season sale since 1991. 

So, needing to pick up some more 7-Up n stuff, I drove by the local Best Buy expecting like 5 people. 

Um....more closer to about 200 people and tents.  That means by the time they open up at 4 a.m., there will be like 500 people there!  Seems you might get some people out for the early sales but that will be about it.

Do you plan on shopping today on black friday?-Dr.FB


Britney Spears Womanizer Live From Bambi

Her first performance in over a year. Whatcha think?-Dr.FB


Jonas Brothers Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show

What did you think?

Big stadiums usually have pitch problems.  I think that was the biggest crowd they ever played for, so will give them a pass.

I was more impressed with Demi Lovato's National Anthem at the start of the game.



Demi Lovato Performs National Anthem At Dallas Cowboys Game

She did a good job.  The Cowboy fans were very loud for her in a positive way.  Will they be that way for the Jonas Brothers at half-time?

Right now, my thoughts are with all in India right now, but going to watch the game.  Very sad situation.-Dr.FB


Manuela In Mumbai Attack Update: No Real Update

The craziness is not over, and can it really be after what happened?

She is still at an undisclosed location with other people who were at the Taj Hotel when the attack happened.

For safety issues, I cannot tell you everything I know, until a later date.  But for right now, the situation is the same, where she is safe but not sound.

There are still terrorists and hostage situations going on with gunfire and explosions, so it is not an ideal situation.  The terrorists were speaking in Punjabi and are presumably from Pakistan.

Leaders in India and Pakistan are trying to let it be known that this is a situation that is not just India's problem or just Pakistan's problem, but both of their problems and they need to come together to handle it.

When I have further information I can disclose, I will post it.
Just remember, we are praying for everyone involved in this, not just her.

Until then. -Dr.FB


Prince’s Ex-Wife Manuela Testollini Caught In Terrorist Attack In India

Taj Motel Shortly After The Attacks.  Photo: Reuters

Taj Motel Shortly After The Attacks. Photo: Reuters

We got word of this about 6 hours ago but until we knew she was safe, I could not post it.

Manuela Testolini witnessed a terrorist attack in india earlier today and thanks to the people she was with, she was able to escape harm. She contacted friends n family thru email and later was able to call cnn from her cell.

Right now, she is safe but not sound. She and her friends are asking for your prayers right now.

We will have exclusive updates on this horrible situation when we know she is 100 percent out of harms way.

We appreciate the contact that has been made to docFB and will get the word out.

They are asking right now to keep her and everyone else caught in this in your thoughts and prayers.-Dr.FB

Update: I almost posted a photo of Manuela taken yesterday but thought better of it til we know 100 percent she is back here in the U.S., that would not be smart.