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Prince’s New Website To Be Unveiled Tonight!

And Tonight, the unveiling… More prized than a trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory are the invitations granted for tonight’s unveiling of Prince’s latest galactic web project, . Press invitees include Steve Appleford of Rolling Stone; Benjamin Trott from Six Apart; Kat Corbett from KROQ; Danny Shea and Katherine Thomson, music and entertainment editors […]

A Healthy Jessica Simpson Returns To The Stage

Days after the whole weight controversy thing which we reported first but others picked up on and were way meaner than yours truly, Jessica Simpson returned to the stage in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jessica has not made any comments but females of young Hollywood have come to Jessica’s defense.-Dr.FB

Two Auditions, One Unusual Night.

So it seems that I spoke too soon, and forgot how things work. When I said see you next Tuesday, I guess I ment See you tomorrow, because the final auditions are tonight, and next week is Hollywood Week. It’s a good thing you don’t need to know anything to be a minister of the […]

Mormons, Osmonds, and Paula, Oh my.

Really? This is how we start it? I understand they are in Salt Lake City. I understand they are in the land of the Osmonds, but do they have to start the show with one? On top of that, it had to be yet ANOTHER bleading heart story? Really? Really? That’s what Paula is wearing? […]

Sienna Miller’s Vogue Cover Photoshopped!

Photo shop has hit Vogue.  Last September’s Vogue featured Sienna Miller’s head on a different photo of her because they thought the original shot was too toothy!  Wow.  They used a photo taken in 2007 on the head shot taken last year. This is due to come soon in a behind the scenes documentary.  Man! […]