Kentucky is slow out of the gate, but finishes strong.

The Picture Says It All.

The Picture Says It All.

How appropriate that the auditions are held at a horse track tonight. This show is no better than a horse race as is. You think that is the metaphor they are going for? Either way, it was an interesting show. I don’t know if Kentucky just sucks, or if it’s just how they cut it. Either way, there were some amazingly odd people.

This is the fourth audition this season, but this was only the second stop on their audition tour. What’s really interesting is the judges are already showing signs of wear. I can’t wait to see them on their last city in New Jersey.

In the end, I think Kentucky pulled through. There were quite a few REALLY bad auditions. I’m guessing they saved all the good ones for the end. All I know is I’m sick and tired of all these “heart string tugging” stories. Every week there is another one, and every week I roll my eyes and pray for a sweet release.

If anybody from Idol actually reads this (yeah right), please do me a favor and give me that release next week. Just once give me a show without that sob story.

See you all in Florida.

The Reverend Statik



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