More News On Prince’s Performance On Ellen

Prince mplsound www.lotusflow3r.com
Prince mplsound www.lotusflow3r.com

Prince mplsound www.lotusflow3r.com

This just sent in to us by the Prince camp.


Purple people from lalaland, keep yo eyes on lotusflow3r.com  4 ur chance at tickets  2 the Wednesday taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show.. y'all will groove in the riff raff room until it's purple party time, and then will have ringside seats 2 all the funky noise u can handle! Stay 2ned 2 Lotusflow3r.com.. details coming very soon!

Ringside Seats?  I thought Britney's Circus Tour was in town this weekend :)

Can't wait for Ellen next week!

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  1. My main man Prince a true black revolutioary. Keep giving up the funk an roll. Colonized Mind is the best song or one of best song’s he has ever done.WOW

  2. great news!!!! my thanks 2 Prince…. i know this will b a “wonderful performance” as always.

  3. Prince is Grace(ious).

  4. cool news, cheers!

  5. thank u dr.f u r so on it with Prince happenings. I wish i could b their 4 the live taping. I can only look 4ward til the day Prince come to Detroit, Chicago or Minn. Please continue 2 keep us fans n4med.

  6. 😉

  7. Yay!

  8. Thanks Doc! Will see if I’m one of the lucky ones.

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