Sneak Peak: Whitney Houston & Oprah

Whitney Houston & Oprah.  Photo: Oprah.com
Whitney Houston & Oprah.  Photo: Oprah.com

Whitney Houston & Oprah. Photo: Oprah.com

Oprah.com has posted a photo of Whitney Houston and Oprah, who Oprah will have on as her first guest of the new season which will be on September 14th & 15th.

Oprah is calling this the biggest music interview in decades and the show will be a 2 parter. Whitney opens up for the first time in seven years—drugs, rehab, marriage, divorce and her Cd to the talk show host.

Some of the questions will be: Winfrey asks the questions on everyone's minds: "When did the drugs start?", "What finally made you decide, 'I’m out of this marriage'?" and "Were you afraid that you had lost the voice?" 

Wow. Oprah is going pretty no-holds barred about this. She wasn't lying. This is going to be be must see tv for sure.-Dr.FB

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  1. Whitney’s music have helped to heal so many broken and fractured hearts. I am so glad she’s back. I had a bad experience in my life many years ago. I didn’t know if I would make it. The only music I could listen to without breaking down was Whitney Houston’s. Whitney IS AWESOME!

  2. When does the interview air?

  3. I will be watching this interview — I am not that big of a Whitney fan but I’m pulling for her comeback

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