Prince Talks About Michael Jackson’s Death

Prince & Michael Jackson.  Photo: MSN.Com

Prince & Michael Jackson. Photo: MSN.Com

In a french interview, Prince talked about Michael Jackson and was asked about his death and how he felt about it.

The  english translation was posted on, a Prince fan web site and here is a few quotes;

“When I played in London in 2007, the O ² Arena, I asked the producers what had been the record number of shows played consecutively in their venue. They said six. I said that I wanted to do twenty-one. During two weeks they refused me, nobody had ever played for so long. All concerts were nevertheless sold out. Since then, Michael Jackson showed me that I should go farther.”

When asked about performing the Jacksons “Shake Your Body Down To The Ground”, Prince added;

“My singer Elisa has the same timbre as Michael when he was young. And a good song is a good song.”

Lastly, the question that many people were wanting to know; How did Prince feel about the death of Michael Jackson?

(Prince, obviously reluctant, does not want to dwell on the subject.) “It is always sad to lose someone you loved.”

Well, there you have it. What do you think of Prince’s comment(s) regarding Michael Jackson?-Dr.FB



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    Prince Talks About Michael Jackson’s Death | Dr. Funkenberry Celeb News

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    Prince Talks About Michael Jackson’s Death | Dr. Funkenberry Celeb News

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    Prince Talks About Michael Jackson’s Death | Dr. Funkenberry Celeb News

  • Sess Swanagan
    Posted at 12:15h, 20 June

    I truly miss them Love you Prince and MJ I know you are with Jehovah Peace darlings

  • Lisa j Demira
    Posted at 11:16h, 02 June

    I truly love and will always be in love with MJJ so very much!!!! And yes I got a life thank you very much!! Some of us are actually HUMAN no shade or judgement Innocent until proven guilty. Shout out to as every HUMAN blood related or not!!! that truly loves this man. Thank you Prince for all your respect. P.S. Michael and Prince did not hate each other lol I’m glad!!!

    Let me address all of the Satantic racist haters and believe it or not the black phony haters who just loved Michael before they believed lies and rumors. Get your facts straight, from everyday people to so called hollywood stars unless you have proof Michael was such a monster real proof you did not try and create yourself, which you don’t keep your Satanic mouths shut. Sticks and stones what secrets are you hiding? Never hold down one of the greatest Black Men ever lived!!

  • Amber
    Posted at 00:26h, 13 May

    Paulito. YOu are WRONG. As usualy, people love to focus on the worst. There were plenty of people defending and supporting Michael during his worst time (people just love to focus on the haters who speak because the hater had something to gain by trashing MJ). Also, Michael SOLDOUT 50 shows, that goes to show that Michael was loved. People who loved MJ did not have to speak and look for the camera to say it. His death proved how much MJ was loved.

  • Gina
    Posted at 20:08h, 12 May

    I’m not really sure how I ended up here from a post from 2009. Being that I did I will write a comment. As both a MJ and Prince, fan I am so sadden they are both gone from their Earthly, bodies. My wish was to always see them perform together.

    I don’t understand what some people expected Prince, to say about MJ’s death. He was brief and respectful. The media led us to believe they were rivals. Either way the comment wasn’t in anyway disrespectful.

    I pray that they are sleeping in peace. There will never be anyone like either one of them. Their deaths have left a void in my heart. I bet they are rocking in Heaven together.

    With much love and respect, see you both one day.

  • Victoria Kalberg
    Posted at 12:59h, 03 May

    He was sad of course about MJ’s sudden death…

  • Shirley
    Posted at 08:28h, 21 April

    Prince had heart and class. Rest In Heaven sweet Prince

  • carlos
    Posted at 08:01h, 11 October

    There was people that kept quiet on Mjs passing. Fans will alwys react in so many ways,if you say too little they complain,if you say”one of the bests” they will argue that he was THE BEST…
    If Prince had released an stateent saying he adored MJ and blabla all the fans would call him hypocrite,and you know thats true…
    So he was smart as always by saying he loved Mj and it was sad.without going into their relationship or what he thought of him as an artist.
    Prince is a smart mofo and it shows here. Getting into their relationship or talk about Mj as an artist was a risky matter.

  • Luciana
    Posted at 17:16h, 10 January

    I am so tired to see people comparing one with other and especially because they are so different… And yes, maybe Prince comment was cold but if he didn’t feel it like a big lost… Do you prefer a big liar telling you: I cried like baby, I am devastated- like so many others told us? Its hard to read a comment like that but I prefer the truth always! We had read and listen so many called “Michael friends” that I am tired about lies!
    About Michael, you cant tell he couldn’t play any instrument… He was big! He could sing, dance, compose music and play instruments. He used to be behind all the things of his art. About Prince, I prefer shout up! I don’t know so many things about him…

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:13h, 24 December

    Personally, if Prince was in any way jealous of Michael,it would’ve been definitively envious knowing that he’s just as musically gifted vocally combined with the ability to instrumentally play the instruments we hear in his music.He(Prince)once stated I think if only there were multiple Prince’s (copies), he wouldn’t need a band . Imagine that musical delight. Arrogant?No.Like Popeye says and Prince too quotes him: I am what I am which is a bad ass iconic musical force .Any chance of him making a video of multiple Prince’ just a thought -Edward

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:18h, 25 August

    long live the king of pop! and what is his name( my name is prince )

  • jamme
    Posted at 19:58h, 25 June

    Michael could play several instruments including the piano. Like most of his siblings, he had to take lessons. Their father, Joe, insisted that his children be musically inclined on various levels. Although I can’t provide proof, we will all find out in time that Michael & Prince had a close friendship & romantic relationship for years. Their music may have differed but they both were reclusive, shy, anti-social, musically gifted men. Strange to say the least.

  • Wayne
    Posted at 13:48h, 31 January

    Wow….this is the most ignorant comment section I’ve read in a long time. Michael Jackson fans are as biased and stupid as any out there. Prince fans continue to justify the fact that he’s an ass. I’m not really sure what difference it makes as to whether or not Prince says anything about Michael Jackson dying. Sure, the two were compared frequently…though I have no idea why…. but as some of the more objective commentators have indicated, they were of completely different styles. Prince, though he is an ass, is the most prolific musician/artist in the history of music. It’s really ridiculous how talented this guy is, and how he’s able to produce other memorable talents. Michael, while strange and somewhat one dimensional, was the most electrifying entertainer the world had seen. He’d been a great song and dance guy since childhood. He was Pop Music’s poster child. Prince’s music can’t be defined as one thing. Thing is…they have different audiences….so their approaches catered to those types of audiences.

    Why not leave it at that and stop arguing about who’s better?

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:04h, 30 December

    I think Prince’s comment seemed kinda cold when asked how he felt about Michael’s death.

  • Lisa
    Posted at 06:32h, 29 November

    A lot of these comments are rubbish. Prince and Michael never ever hated each other. They were actually good friends. I hate it when everyone tries to compare one or the other, they were both wonderful artists. The only comparison I will make is that Prince couldn’t dance and Michael couldn’t play an instrument. In general, they were both talented and both admired and respected each other for their music and passion.

  • Kim
    Posted at 10:09h, 27 November

    I doubt Michael and Prince hated each other because Michael never actually hated anyone. There were people that betrayed him in life but he didn’t hate them. It was more like disappointment.

    I’m sure Prince and Michael were a bit friendly to each other when they saw each other but I don’t really think they were that close to be honest so maybe he was indifferent.

    Fun fact: Prince is actually the same age as Michael. There is only a mere 2 month difference between the two of them. Prince was born on June 7th, 1958 and Michael was born on August 29th, 1958.

  • Jade
    Posted at 16:01h, 16 November

    This is why I hate Prince. He’s never compassionate. He doesn’t actually say WHAT he feels about Michael’s death, just “It’s sad to lose someone you love.” Okay we all get that drift but when he’s asked how he feels he just won’t dwell on it. He speaks with a straight face almsot showing no emotion. I think he’s just jealous that Michael got all the attention and he has m ore than 10 famous songs whilst Prince only has 3 and they’re Purple Rain, Let’s Go Crazy and Blue. Michael had Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It, Rock With You, Earth Song etc
    These comments about Michael and Prince competing are right because they did try and outdo each other, Michael will always always be better. If Prince died, Michael would show some sympathy and he had wanted to do a duo with him for sometime. I’d say no thanks because he deserves better. Prince may not have got his life screwed up like Michael did, but considering he has no self pity for anyone else I will not show any passion for him.

  • Eman
    Posted at 13:53h, 07 November

    I feel the need to comment on Kedrin’s ignorance and stupidity. First of all, please stop making Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann type statements. You don’t know the facts and your a poor judge of musical talent. No musician or critic in their right mind would agree with you that Prince is not talented. In fact, he is probably the most talented artist of his generation or any generation for that matter. His impact on music period speaks for itself. Since you do not know the facts, let me help your ignorance. Prince produced, arranged and composed his first album in 1978 at the age of 18. This was unheard of at the time. Secondly, he has been on the scene since 1978 through 2011 and is still going strong. That in itself deserves credit. How many other artists can say that? That’s 33 years and counting. No drugs, arrests, bankruptcies or felonies. He has released 32 albums, three movies, four concerts dvd’s and numerous dvd videos. He has played during the Superbowl halftime show witnessed before 140 million people worldwide, which has been credited as being the best halftime show. He has also performed numerous times on television and throughout the world. He has sold over 100 million albums, received numerous awards (The Grammys, American Music Awards, Achievement Awards, etc.). May I add the Rock N Roll HALL OF FAME. You don’t elect someone to the HALL OF FAME in any field that has no talent or has not made some sort of an impact on music or their respected field. Prince has also helped launch the careers of other well-talented acts. The Time, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. He has also wrote numerous hits for other established artists. Prince has helped redefine the approach artists take towards music. Owning and producing your own music. This was not the case when artists started out years ago. Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five broke away from Motown for this very same reason. Prince was advocating ownership and producing your own music at the age of 18 years old when he first started. Artists today have taken this step that Prince help to start 30 years ago. As far as his singing and playing instruments, Kedrin you need your hearing and eyes checked for sure. Only if you do not like Prince personally can you make a statement like that. All of this is to not take away from Michael’s great contribution his music had on my or any other generation. As far as I’m concerned, Prince and Michael are clearly the best this generation had to offer. They are truly the most GOD given talent that I have ever witnessed and I’m so glad to have witnessed them throughout their careers. The record speaks for itself. I also left out a lot more that Prince has accomplished throughout his career, but I felt the need to address your ignorance regarding Prince’s overall impact on music. Check the records, speak with anyone in the music field, artists or critics alike and they will tell you the same thing. I understand that you like Michael Jackson. No one loved Michael Jackson more than me and his passing was a tremendous loss. Prince and Michael will always be linked together for the impact they both had on music period. My four year old Son is a fan of both Prince and Michael. So the next time you criticize someone, first go and do your homework so you know what the hell you are talking about. Please don’t continue to expose your ignorance on subjects you know nothing about.

  • Prince/MJ Fan
    Posted at 15:08h, 06 November

    Whoo Kid and Kedrin just wanted to say that as everyone else seems to do you’re comparing apples to oranges. Michael and Prince are/were both talented individuals. Their style of music were both different. Not sure of your ages but I grew up listening to Michael and his brothers. I was always a fan. I also grew up with Prince music. While most of the world may only know him because of Purple Rain, real Prince fans know that his first hit was soft and wet. Now as a young girl I had no idea what he was singing about but is was a catchy tune and a great dance song. Prince played all the instruments himself for his album. He didn’t get a band til he needed to go on tour. I have seen both Michael and Prince in concert and they were both awesome. Michael may have been forced to perform in earlier years as Whoo Kid mention, but he loved it. He loved his fans as do Prince. Michael was always in the public eye whereas Prince has always demanded his privacy. Maybe that’s what kept Prince from going down the same road as Michael. Being a fan of both I always hoped that my two favorite artist would do a song together. I’m sure it would have been a hit. But that will never happen.

  • Kedrin
    Posted at 06:50h, 06 November

    Whoo kid you’re really brain damaged. Michael composed & was able to write words to songs before prince was even known. Prince is NOT UNIQUE. He’s a piece of shit who’s arrogant and only mostly sings about sex. He can’t play drums like rock stars, he cant sing like soul stars, he can’t write provocative meaningful hits like the greats…mccartney, Jackson, dylan, Wonder, John etc. So he is just a Hendrix knockoff. Over rated, gay, and self absorbed with only a handful of real hits. Suck MJ’s Glove, hater!!

  • Shawn
    Posted at 06:32h, 06 November

    Prince is gay and fucking jealous. There’s no justifying his shittiness and silence. To Fuckin hell with that bastard…

  • Arlene Stevenson
    Posted at 11:53h, 17 October

    @Alexnmind. I understand. I know who you are too! Alexander nevermind! aka Prince! thx for commenting because we all know that you two were always compared and that the media would run with whatever you say.

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