Video: Prince Attends Vikings-Cowboys Game

It was bad enough that the Vikings whupped on my Dallas Cowboys today.

 Add insult to injury when the baddest man on the planet, PRINCE was there with his protege Bria Valente and others in a luxury box suite. 

Brett Favre and that "Purple Reign" defense put Tony Romo on his back more than Paris Hilton.  Shoot, Romo fumbled more balls than a midget porn star. 

What can I say?  Congrats to PRINCE and his Minnesota Vikings along with Brett Favre. 

 Playoff football is alive..and it lives in Minneapolis.-Dr.FB

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  1. He looks so much better this time round. He is happy with his girl Bria by his side. Great football game to be at. 2010 is the year for Favre!!

  2. Good to see that Prince is alive and well. I hope to hear more from him in 2010.

  3. Thanks for posting,doc.

  4. wow thanx 4 sharing its good 2 see him out

  5. Hi Prince what’s up? I got a text about this and now Doc Funk–too cool–lol–shoe=my place now!! Hoping and praying you tour!!

  6. Prince looks well rested! Nice

  7. Go vikings! Would be nice if he actually looked like he was enjoying himself.Maybe it’s just the clip.But hope he enjoyed the event. :)
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Being born and raised in Wisconsin, my blood will always run green & gold, and I will never forgive Favre (blasphemy!), but I hafta say it is kinda groovy-bizarre to watch Prince watching Brett.

    Oh, and suck it Packer management. See what you did?? *smh*

  9. Prince looks fresh and happy….Good 2 c him out & about in MpLs

  10. Go Vikes!!! Let the Purple Reign continue!!!

  11. But…He was wearing Black and Gold….whats up with that??? Is he a WHO DAT fan??? :D C’mon Prince! C’mon “home” where u know how 2 really party in N.O.!!

  12. Looks like a new ‘do for the purple one! Wish the camera would have gotten a little closer in. But always nice to see Prince!

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