Steven Tyler Announces At Concert He Is Doing “American Idol”

Steven Tyler.  File Photo

Steven Tyler. File Photo

While J. Lo remains quiet, and hasn't posted on her Twitter account in 6 months, which we imagine will change today, Steven Tyler was anything but quiet last night in Las Vegas.

Although TMZ reported Steven Tyler would be in L.A. all weekend, he actually performed with Aerosmith last night in Las Vegas.

Steven said during the show;

“recording an album and [I’m] probably going to be a judge on American Idol.”

"I’m doing it. What do you think? I’m doing it.”

He also said "I’m pregnant with Joe Perry’s baby.”

The official announcement will be today where barring any last minute changes, it will be Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson as your American Idol judges.

Not sure if Ryan Seacrest will make the announcement.-Dr.FB

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  1. I was at that concert and he def. said it. I gotta say the guy can still sing and perform all the hits…

  2. Hmm … Mkay … I may watch it now …

    Thanks Doc …

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