Simon Cowell Confirms Paula Abdul For X-Factor; Paula Not So Sure

Simon Cowell. Photo:

Simon Cowell announced that the judges for X-Factor would include former American Idol jusge with Simon, Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole.  They would join Simon and L.A. Reid as judges.  The problem?  Paula says the deal is not final.

Simon comments are said to be confirmed but Paula says the deal has been discussed but not finalyzed.  Cheryl Cole is set and although Mariah Carey was rumored to be a judge, she will not be, but will be part of the show in some capacity.

Simon siad he wanted Paula for the show because of the chemistry they had.  Everyone including Simon thought that “Idol” was going to be a lame duck but Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez along with a slew of talent have seen “American Idol” still be a ratings knock-out.  I think getting Paula is huge for the show’s success now.

What do you think of Paula joining Simon for X-Factor?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Paula Is Still Simons Girl




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