Damaris Lewis Wakes Up PRINCE For Rare Live Interview! Listen Now!

Damaris Lewis File Photo
Damaris Lewis File Photo

Damaris Lewis File Photo

Model, dancer, blogger, NBA expert, official prank caller Damaris Lewis was doing a radio interview with Australia where she called PRINCE and woke him up for a live interview.

She couldn’t prank Prince who is the ultimate prankster but it did make for interesting radio.  “Victoria” may not know as much about the NBA as Damaris but she did get the Purple One to talk.

Prince talked about the NBA playoffs where he said “Dwayne Wade is his favorite player, but his favorite team is the Oklahoma City Thunder.” Damaris, a big-time Thunder fan said she may have to battle Prince during “The Dance Electric” at tonight’s show regarding the Dwayne Wade comment. Hmm. Someone got a hoop and a basketball to set up?

If he would have said Lebron (Lebum) James, I don’t know what I would have done.

They were clowning each other and even brought up Prince’s symbol stage looking like a spaceship. Prince stated that this is his favorite tour to date. Not a surprise to us as Prince likes to live in the now and not the past. We get that.

These shows do sound rather amazing.

Check out the fun interview above and let us know what you think.-DocFB




  1. Leticia L.

    This is the very first thing I have listened to while waking up and wow! That’s quite pleasant, thanks Doc, u give good medicine!

  2. Suzie M.

    My wish is just to have him wake up with me and talk to me in that low, sexy sleepy voice…

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  4. tonia

    This interview was hilarious oh wow he hung up on her.
    I see my boy had a cold he was trying to get over.
    Try some ginger root and tea. I don’t want to see prince be sick
    Thank u dr. funkenberry for the upload.
    prince fan member since 1984….

  5. Lisa

    ….If I had prince on the phone with me….I wouldn’t waste his time with foolish nonsense.
    I need is the number.

    …..but I’ll never get it and we’ll never speak.
    Such a travesty….He just don’t know.

  6. Markus Bonten

    Prince ….U are 2 cool man…..i love the interview…..funky…..
    Come 2 europe….Plllllleeeeeaaaasssssseeeeeee


  7. justmemuchlove

    @maria Don’t be rude!! (she doesn’t)

    Awww Sorry she woke YOU up ,deary.
    Thanks for posting doc.Much Love xx

  8. This kinda blew my mind. I was surprised that he just answered the phone just like that, and second that he was actually as cordial–if anyone else had woke him up, it probably would have been a different story. My favorite funny part was at the very end-CLICK!

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