Shelby J. To Sing At NBA Game; Star In Documentary

Singing at sporting events is nothing for Shelby J., who rocked the highest rated Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2007. On 12-12-12, not only will she be dropping her latest single "North Carolina" featuring Anthony Hamilton, she will be singing the national anthem for the Charlotte Bobcats when they take on the Los Angeles Clippers.

Charlotte Bobcats Logo NBA.com

If that is not enough, Charlotte is showing Shelby J. a lot of LOVE as she will be in a documentary highlighting singers and songwriters in and from North Carolina.

The documentary is called "Queen City Forward" and will be held at Packard Place which is located at 222 Church St., Charlotte NC 28202.

We will do what we can to obtain footage of Shelby singing the national anthem and get photos from the event.

Good luck Shelby!-DocFB

Diagnosis: More info on "North Carolina" on 12-12-12. Put yo hands up!

Shelby J. Photo: John Strayhorn Media Arts Collective


Damaris Lewis Wakes Up PRINCE For Rare Live Interview! Listen Now!

Damaris Lewis File Photo
Damaris Lewis File Photo

Damaris Lewis File Photo

Model, dancer, blogger, NBA expert, official prank caller Damaris Lewis was doing a radio interview with Australia where she called PRINCE and woke him up for a live interview.

She couldn't prank Prince who is the ultimate prankster but it did make for interesting radio.  "Victoria" may not know as much about the NBA as Damaris but she did get the Purple One to talk.

Prince talked about the NBA playoffs where he said "Dwayne Wade is his favorite player, but his favorite team is the Oklahoma City Thunder." Damaris, a big-time Thunder fan said she may have to battle Prince during "The Dance Electric" at tonight's show regarding the Dwayne Wade comment. Hmm. Someone got a hoop and a basketball to set up?

If he would have said Lebron (Lebum) James, I don't know what I would have done.

They were clowning each other and even brought up Prince's symbol stage looking like a spaceship. Prince stated that this is his favorite tour to date. Not a surprise to us as Prince likes to live in the now and not the past. We get that.

These shows do sound rather amazing.

Check out the fun interview above and let us know what you think.-DocFB


End The Lockout! NBA Owner Marc Cuban Covers “Purple Rain”

OK, we need to end the NBA lockout...NOW! Marc Cuban covering "Purple Rain" by Prince is making us beg for the owners and players to reach an agreement.

The owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and hopefully future owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Marc Cuban hit a local bar last night and instead of us giving us a mouthful of purple badness....and I mean badness in the bad sense.

At 2:17 he makes me shake my head.  At 2:34 his friend hits notes that made dogs cover their ears in a 50 mile radius.

Kobe.  Kevin.  Mr. Stern.  Mr. Cuban.  Please end the lockout now.  My ears cannot take anymore.  Please.  I rather hear Prince gloating over a Kevin Garnett dunk over Kobe Bryant then hear any other NBA player or owner cover him.

Having to hear Marc Cuban say "Come on, get nast!?"  is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't get me wrong Marc.  I still want you to buy the Dodgers, but please, put the microphone down.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We get this but not Dave Grohl and Prince jamming?  Seriously?


Bulls Noah Apologizes For Gay Slur; Fined $50,000

Joakim Noah. Photo: NBA.com
Joakim Noah. Photo: NBA.com

Joakim Noah. Photo: NBA.com


The Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah apologized for the comments he made to a fan list night when he called a fan a gay slur starting with an "F" but never said that he said it, but apologized for his comments.

The NBA fined Noah $50,000, half what they fined Kobe Bryant for calling a ref the same word the game before the last game of the season. 

GLADD  thinks the NBA has a gay problem and they might be right.  Although the players say it is just smack talk on the court, it is done in front of thousands of people in person and millions of people at home. 

The NBA is in the middle of running a campaign asking people on the courts at home not to say the word, but the NBA's players are not following suit.

Was Noah's fine just right and should he have been suspended for games as well?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  NBA Action It's "F"antastic


Did Another NBA Player Yell A Gay Slur?


Looks like it is not just Kobe Bryant that has a gay slur problem when angry at NBA Games.  Joakim Noah may have just done the same thing tonight at an NBA playoff game as his Chicago Bulls took on the Miami Heat.

Check out the short clip above as TNT cameras caught Noah but this time, the commentators did not..comment about it. 

Since Kobe's comment, there have been several anti-gay slur ads run by the NBA.  Noah is not in them. 

So did Noah yell a gay slur and will he get fined and suspended since this is the playoffs?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  What Would Kobe Do?


Kobe Bryant Makes Formal Apology For Gay Slur; Lakers To Work With GLAAD

Kobe Bryant. Photo: Gettyimages.com
Kobe Bryant. Photo: Gettyimages.com

Kobe Bryant. Photo: Gettyimages.com

Kobe Bryant made a formal apology for his use of a homophobic slur during Tuesday's game calling his comments "Stupid and ignorant" as he called into the Dan Patrick show earlier today.

Bryant added "In this situation, seeing how many people were affected, it helps you understand the weight that comes from that word. That's why it's very important for me to communicate how sorry I am to use the word."

The Los Angeles Lakers have taken the apology a step further and have reached out to GLAAD which stands for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, to get rid of the word entirely in the NBA.  Good luck with that.

"In light of this slur, there is a real opportunity to build support for our community and educate fans of Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the NBA about the use of such words," said GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios."The Los Angeles Lakers have taken a positive step and we look forward to working with them to create messages from players and coaches that combat bullying. We also suggested and will continue to advocate for zero tolerance policies for anti-gay slurs at home games, similar to what the New York Yankees adopted last year."

Although Kobe has apologized, he is still appealing the fine.  Kobe, instead, accept the fine and donate $100,000 to GLAAD.  That way, your fine and the donation is actually tax deductible.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Surprised Kobe Just Didn't Buy The Ref A Ring


NBA Fines Kobe Bryant $100,000 For Gay Slur; Doesn’t Apologize But Appeals

Kobe Bryant. Photo: L.A. Times Magazine
Kobe Bryant. Photo: L.A. Times Magazine

Kobe Bryant. Photo: L.A. Times Magazine

Kobe Bryant,  who was seen mouthing the words "F'ng F*g" at Tuesdays game after a referee called him for a technical foul, was fined $100,000 by the NBA.  Kobe is appealing the fine.  No suspension was given to Bryant.  Not sure if it is now the regular season is over and it's playoffs, or they never intended on suspending him.

Kobe is already appealing the fine and saying it is "standard protocol" and added:  "The concern that I have is for those that follow what I say ... look to me as a role model .. for them not to take what was said as a message of hate or a license to degrade ... or to embarrass or tease ... because that's something I don't wanna see have happen."  ""It's OK to be who you are."
He made those comments earlier to ESPN radio.  He did not apologize for saying it however.

P.S. we posted the photo above to show this is not the "gayest" think Kobe has ever done.

Should Kobe apologize for his verbal outburst?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Doc NEVER Uses The "N" Word Or That "F" Word


“Come On Get It” As Lenny Kravitz, Drake, & Swizz Beats Record Together?

Swizz Beatz, Drake, & Lenny Kravitz. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Swizz Beatz, Drake, & Lenny Kravitz. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

What an NBA All Star Weekend Lenny Kravitz had.  Performance time during the actual NBA All Star Game to his song "Come On Get It" being released on I-Tunes, which is the NBA's theme song this year. 

Friday night however, Lenny Kravitz was in the studio with Swizz Beatz, and Drake.  We are hearing it is more than a late night hang as well!  Hmm.

We hope to hear more about it soon.  Could you imagine what that track would sound like with Lenny, Swizz, and Drake all together?  Man!

For now, you can download the new track from Lenny Kravitz "Come On Get it" on I-Tunes.-Dr.FB


Why LeBron Joining The Heat Is Good For Kobe & The NBA

Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, & LeBron James. Photo: NBA.com
Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, & LeBron James. Photo: NBA.com

Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, & LeBron James. Photo: NBA.com

It was in July that Lebron James announced he was" taking his talents to South Beach" making enemieseverywhere withhis decision.  It's a decision that he needs to live with and the only way to do it is to dominate.  Easier said than done however.

"Did you hear that Lebron James is getting his own I-Phone?  The phone will only be able to vibrate though?  Why?  Just like Lebron, it has no rings."

We all heard the joke.  Now, what will Lebron do about it?

I said he made enemies and he made them everywhere.  In Cleveland, in Chicago, in New York, In Orlando, and even in Los Angeles.  The defending champions feel disrespected.  All the attention on Lebron, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade when they have not won anything yet.  However, the move is actually good for Kobe.  Why?

The Los Angeles Lakers along withthe Boston Celtics are beloved franchises..and also the most hated.  That day in July, both teams became less hated.  The Lakers were now  baby faces.  A friend of mine who hates the Lakers with a passion says he will be rooting for the Lakers when they play the Heat on Christmas day and other games.  I am not sure everyone who plays in the Lakers division feels the same way.

Kobe Bryant & The Los Angeles Lakers Celebrate. Photo: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Kobe's arrogance is now seen as part of his game.  His love.  His determination for it.  The NBA wants to see Kobe and the Lakers knock off the Heat.  Well, aside from the South Florida area.  Last year at this time?  Lakers were hated.  Here they were bringing in thug Ron Artest and the decision did not sit well with Laker faithful.  Kobe along with Phil Jackson and GM Mitch Kupcheck said they brought Artest to handle the Celtics.  I thought it was BS but in the end, Artest was the one who put the nail in the coffin against the Suns and then stepped up in Game 7 to beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Everyone was expecting a Cavs/Lakers match-up in the Finals, with the Cavs taking the 2 regular season games against the Lakers.  I knew it was not meant to be.  How?  In a regular season game against the Celtics, the Cavs had a 20+ point lead going into the 4th quarter.  They lost by 10 to an aging Celtics team that had no business winning.  They had what Lebron lacked then and that was the heart of a champion.  I got flack for that comment but guaranteed that the Cavs would not make it to the NBA Finals.  They didn't.

Lebron still has yet to show me he has heart or even a heart of a champion.  He said it flat out in Sports Illustrated that he hates the "pressure of taking the last shot" and is relieved "that Wade will be the go to guy at the end of the game."  Doesn't sound like heart to me. 

The NBA has a true team to root against right now in the Heat.  The Celtics will be their main rivals and the Lakers the pot of gold at the end of their journey if they actually can make it. 

Last season, I did not watch a single game until the NBA Finals.  I did not care.  I knew what was going to happen.  Until the Finals.  The Celtics had heart and were not going to lay down for the Lakers.  The regular season was boring to me.  This season?  Not so much.  I plan on watching the Lakers get their rings tonight.  I didn't do that last year.  Again, I did not care.

This season, I do care.  I will follow every Laker game and from time to time, check my Blackberry to see who I am rooting for against the Heat.-Dr.FB