Exclusive Photos! fDeluxe & The NPG Hold An Encore Jam Session

fDeluxe performed at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis last night and before it was all over, 2 of Prince’s band members from the NPG joined fDeluxe for the encore which turned into an all out jam session!

Morris Hayes sporting a little longer doo nowadays took a spot behind the keyboards while the talented drummer John Blackwell took his place behind the drum kit.

For those asking it was not a jam built around the Menard’s ad that fDeluxe did as a response to Prince’s “Mutiny/Ice Cream Castles” rehearsal jam.

In any indication, having his band members play with fDeluxe, formerly The Family, is a huge indication that the former proteges of Prince are on good terms with him.

FDeluxe consists of original family members Paul Peterson, Susannah Melvoin, Jellybean Johnson, and Eric Leeds.

So far, there are no more current dates, but we have heard Paul’s desires to bring the funk back to the West Coast soon and Drfunkenberry is going to try and help make this happen.

Stay tuned….because fDeluxe is going to make sure “You Got What You Wanted” when you go to their shows.  Also, make sure to pick up the new single of the same name HERE!

The song is a cover of the classic Ike & Tina Turner song.  For now, enjoy the photos and again, we will keep you updated when new tour dates are released.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thanks to “DreamFirstBornImages” for the photos!



  • August
    Posted at 15:56h, 05 September

    Prince rented out the whole upstairs for his “family” his band was there, he was there, Bobby Z showed up. Ohh the privilege of living in Minneapolis…anything can happen. Cool night!

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 08:39h, 04 September

    I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Jellybean, Paul and Eric Leeds at Largo here in Los Angeles, CA. These gentlemen were so classy and deserving of the spotlight. Dr. Doc, please get them back…please keep us in the loop.

  • katerina
    Posted at 06:19h, 04 September


  • Electric Beret
    Posted at 17:03h, 03 September

    Awesome! Thanks for the photos, Doc!

  • EyeNoReligion
    Posted at 16:47h, 03 September

    That headline tripped me up. A little misleading but positive. Cool.

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